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Dec 5, 2008 06:01 AM

The Best of Toronto (article)

I put this under my "favorites".

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  1. It's too bad that Solferino is no longer there to reap the rewards of being named the best Gelateria.

    Interesting choice for best dim sum in the city. Not one of the top 4 that would have come to mind. Not bad, but not standout either, IMO.

    1. I would agree with the article that Mela on Church St was a great little gem of a restaurant...alas it's been gone over a year now. When was this list published?

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      1. re: finelydiced

        Yes, I think this is the old list, the new one seems to be at A lot of this seems out-of-date.

        1. re: canadianbeaver

          Wow. It keeps getting better with the Best Chinese Restaurant. Now it's China House? I thought I've been to most of the best, but to be honest, I've never heard of this one... Interesting.

          Google came up with something interesting though:

          1. re: BokChoi

            I think The Now focuses on downtown Toronto...I don't think they review restaurants north of the 401...Marimba!

            1. re: BokChoi

              You've never been to China House? It's a Chinese food the heart of Forest Hill, the place to be on Christmas!! I used to go there all the time as a kid, but that's before I had actual tastebuds. Was closed for a while after a red grade from the health code inspectors.

              1. re: canadianbeaver

                Marimba, that makes sense I guess. But then it's hard to say that Pearl has better dim sum than Lai Wah Heen in that case. But perhaps they didn't want to repeat LWH for both the high-end category, and the dim sum category.

                canadianbeaver, I guess I've been missing out all these years! Come to think of it, I think I've heard it mentioned as a great place for Westernized or Jewish Chinese food. I like your disclaimer, very cute.

                1. re: BokChoi

                  Bok Choi,
                  Although I have not been to China House in many years, they were famous for their Steak, and Steamed Lobster.
                  Both were excellent, and may possibly still be.
                  The real Chinese Menu was never advertised, on their regular Menu, so this indeed was very Westernized, but they had a Chinese only menu never translated, and the food was excellent, if you could convince them to serve you.
                  I was only able to access that menu when we went there with Chinese friends.

                  1. re: erly

                    Are you sure you are not thinking of House of Chan, on the other side of Eglinton closer to Bathurst?

                    1. re: fortheloveoffood

                      Yes I was just about to correct myself.
                      The Chinese food and steamed Lobster were China House with the secret Chinese Menu
                      The Steak and Lobster, as well is definitely House of Chan

                      1. re: erly

                        Thanks all for the rec. Maybe I'll make my way over there sometime.

            2. re: canadianbeaver

              The new one is equally odd at points. There are some that I agree with, but I assume resident Chinese cuisine knowledge factories like Charles, skyline, etc. might have a bit to say about the inclusion of only one "Chinese" restaurant! No Italian (other than pizza) either.

              For myself, I take issue with Sado Sushi being named #1 sushi joint. How is this even possible? Sado is just strange maki plated well and overloaded with sauces. It's definitely not even in the same league as Kaji, and for sushi in general, I'd rather go to Zen. I don't mind maki, but there's a big difference between serving a tempura shrimp avocado roll laden with mayo, lying in a pool of ponzu, and serving gorgeous, fresh fish, well-cut atop perfect shari.

              As well, although I do like Kaiseki-Sakura, after having eaten several times at both Sakura and Hashimoto, I much prefer Hashimoto.

              One I am interested in is Oddfellows. Has anyone been and had the burger?

              1. re: canadianbeaver

                Not neeearly as out-of-date as the TorontoLife restaurant listings. Many, many looooong since defunct restos on that one.

              2. The original comment has been removed