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Dec 5, 2008 05:53 AM

New Bedford, Ma

We're heading for a wedding in New Bedford in mid December. Any recommendations for Portugese food or good eating ? I've only been there to shop at Sid Wainer's for those hard to find piquillo peppers.

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  1. Off of 195 (I hope someone can provide the exit #) is Antonio's my fave Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford.

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      Thanks! I was beginning to think no one ate out in New Bedford

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        i agree with the Antonios rec. its right off 195,awesome fish cake,meat cake appies,shrimp mozambique too.the alentajana with shrimp is huge,can feed a family,and soo tasty.good cheap wines too,and get the flan for dessert,with a espresso and brandy .

    2. Third for Antonio's. For many same items, fancier atmosphere, raw bar, goofy cocktails try :

      1. Last time I was in NB for a show, we tried to go to Antonio's based on rep.. Too busy to get in so we went to Lebanese Cafe and had a wonderful meal. Bring 4 people and order the sampler for 2.

        1. Some other considerations are Cafe Portugal and Cafe Mimo. Both are on Acushnet Ave. They have been around longer than Antonio's and each has good things to offer. My personal fave is Sagres in Fall River. Alentejana to die for.

          1. For a great glass of wine, comfy/romantic surroundings and great "small plates," head over to "Cork" at 90 Front St. Great staff, the food is terrific and the wine is reasonably priced. They also have a full liquor license. Enjoy!

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              A non-portuguese place that has always been fun in New Bedford is Freestone's, in the historic district. They have been there forwver. Very nice, casual ambiance, decent food and prices. Try their seafood chowder.
              When I was in college, Mitch Miller came to New Bedford every Christmastime and led a huge community singalong downtown. I remember Freestone's being packed afterwards with revelers!

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                I've always found Freestone's to be rather low food quality. You can always hear the tell-tale "DING" of the microwave. The location and dining room are great but it's barely average food.

                The old Louie's on the Warf building saw a major remodeling and is open as the Waterfront Grille. It's a seafood place that also does sushi. Things have an Asian and Mediterrainian influence. It's a better place in the summer since it has a waterfront deck but the dining room has big picture windows where you can look at a slice of the fishing fleet. By metro-Boston standards, prices are moderate. I've only eaten there once but I thought the food was excellent by New Bedford standards and good by major city standards.


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                  We took my parents to The Waterfront Grille for their 60th anniversary (we have to go somewhere that has baked scrod for my mom, and I will NOT eat at Davy's Locker), and the food was quite good. Service was only so-so, but that was probably more due to the large size of our party, and how busy the restaurant was. I would certainly go back.

                  1. re: kimfair1

                    I'm always baffled by the long sustained local popularity of Davy's Locker. I'm not big on Fryalator food and their baked schrod has always been over-breaded and swimming in a pool of mystery oils & butter. Angioplasty on a plate just isn't seafood to me these days and any New Bedford seafood dining alternatves I've experienced over the last bunch o' years have been stuck in a 1960's time warp. 'Twas nice to finally encounter a seafood restaurant in New Bedford that's joined the 21st century.

                    In my opinion, Pork Ribatajana at Antonio's is still the best meal in town but you can only do that battered aluminum pan feast with leftovers for 2 or 3 more dinners so often without having to buy a new jumbo-sized wardrobe.

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                      I agree that The Waterfront Grille is a great place to eat. My husband and I both like seafood, and they do it very well. It's also a great atmosphere looking out at the fishing fleet, I think. The food is good any time of year, but in the summer it is a lot of fun.