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Dec 5, 2008 05:51 AM

breakfast boerum hill

does anyone know the best place for brunch in Boerum Hill now? years ago, it was Banania -- which is no longer there. Boerum Hill Food Co has good food, but it's a little crowded


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  1. Downtown Atlantic has a very nice brunch, don't know if it's the best....

    1. I've had brunch at the Clover Club a few times now and I really recommend it. The food is very good, the coffee is strong and the cocktails are delicious in the afternoon. The space is also very nice -- dark with beautiful wood paneling and a tin ceiling.

      I especially like the chorizo and eggs dish. I haven't had a hangover in a while now, but I'd think it's perfect hangover food too :)

      It's not at all crowded and you won't have to wait for a table.

      And, I don't know if this is applicable to you, but just FYI for the board:
      You wouldn't think this is the case since it's a bar, but it's actually very baby-friendly too. I've brought my 6-month-old (who's very very quiet and just sleeps in his stroller the whole time) multiple times, and they've been able to push aside a few tables and give us enough room to park him next to us.

      1. For local brunches, I go to: Downtown Atlantic, Jolie, Bar Tabac, Cafe Luluc, Apt. 138, Union Smith, St. Clair Diner - the questionable but generally serviceable diner on the corner of Smith & Atl., and Cafe on Clinton.

        I agree that of those choices Downtown Atlantic is one of the better bets - food is consistently good, atmosphere is pleasant and there is pretty much never a wait for a table like Bar Tabac or Luluc. Luluc has the best omlettes though.

        Cafe on Clinton is a nice change from the bustle of the Smith St. joints also and is really a nice little spot right by Cobble Hill Park. Brunch there includes a cocktail and some yummy home baked breads.

        I like the concept of Union Smith Cafe and love the eggs with asparagus and truffle oil vinaigrette, and because of this keep giving it yet another chance despite sometimes very shoddy service.

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          Had some decent brunches at Pano Vino and like their enclosed sun room in back.

        2. I usually head to Robin De Bois for brunch. I tried Lunetta's a while back and also liked it. And BHFC is now closed, apparently.

          1. went to clover club brunch today... service was kind of terrible but after being ignored for the better part of fifteen minutes a very nice waitress apologized and explained that they were having a waitstaff shortage. the food was very good though and the bloody mary fantastic.