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Dec 5, 2008 05:44 AM

Thai ingredients near NoVA-

With the exception of Wegman's (bit far to trek out to Farifax), is there anywhere in NoVA to get some good fresh Thai ingredients? E.g. Holy & Thai Basil, Lime leaves, Thai Chilies..


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  1. Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike has a small grocery store attached. Sells fresh produce, canned foods as well as already prepared items.

    1. Break away from mainstream markets and hit the big Asian markets - Super H and Grand Mart. They usually have it all.

      1. let us know where you find the kaffir lime leaves......

        in addition to the suggestions already listed, i often have luck with the little grocery store in eden center, falls church (in the section of the eden center that is parallel to wilson blvd, about in the middle, with roast ducks hanging in the window) . they have my favorite: pre-julienned (or "benriner-ed") green papaya in a bag, ready to dress up with the som tum dressing you make.

        best prices on greens and condiments are definitely at the big markets -- grandmart in falls church, and that other place in merrifield (super h?). i haven't been to great wall grocery in merrifield, so don't know how "pan-asian" it is......

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          shockingly, the whole foods in clarendon often has kaffir lime leaves in stock. enter the store and take an immediate right. They should be with the fresh herbs.

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            There is a little Thai grocery store next to Rabieng, off Rt 7 that stocks a lot of what you're looking for. They don't sell fresh kaffir leaves, but you can find them in the frozen section there, as well as in the frozen section of the Bangkok 54 grocery store.

            I've only been to Great Wall twice - the offerings there tend to focus on Chinese products, not as much SE Asian grocery items.

            1. re: pleen

              I wanted to revive this thread to say that there are in fact FRESH kaffir lime leaves often available at the Bangkok 54 market (the owner has a tree at her house and brings them to the store). They arent always available, so grab some when you can. They also have fresh thai and holy basil (though they run out of the holy basil very quickly).

              Also a great selection of thai desserts and other homemade goodies in a prepared foods area. Some of its scary looking, but the ground chicken with basil and a fried egg is tasty and cheap, and other items are intriguing.

              This place is worth a trip for sure. I even bought a thai stone mortar and pestle there for like 20 bucks and it is THE BOMB.

              1. re: CoconutMilk

                how much are the kaffir lime leaves at bangkok 54 market? i didn't know they even *had* a market. they're very expensive at the eden center grocery -- around a dollar per leaf, iirc. maybe 70 cents each -- but...that's a lot! ( and not fresh, but frozen in puffy plastic bag).

                1. re: alkapal

                  Make plans to get to the Wat Thai temple festival next spring to get your own tree!

                  And - the market is just a couple of doors down - they expanded a couple of years ago to nearly double the size.

                  1. re: Dennis S

                    i should've bought a tree a few years back when i saw one at the eden center market. i recently checked their new "plants" section (in the front window, opposite the hanging roast ducks), but no luck for kaffir lime ;-(.

                      1. re: Dennis S

                        one can order online, and i suspect someplace like sam's farm, merrifield garden center or rozen's nursery would order one on request. i found a california source online here:

                        frankly, i'd have to use a lot more kaffir lime than i currently do in order to justify the hassle associated with coddling a tropical exotic citrus tree in my house during the winter. ;-).

                        1. re: alkapal

                          it only costs a few bucks for a generous handful of leaves at bangkok 54 market- they last me several weeks, if not more. And, of course, they do freeze pretty well.

                          Plus, its just fun to walk around that freakin' awesome store.

          2. any of the large asian markets like Han Ah Reum or H-Mart, or Lotte, are the best

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              BTW, the new H-mart in Annandale is quite nice (and right next to a whole "Hello Kitty" store!)