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Dec 5, 2008 05:13 AM

Char in Raritan

I passed a new restaurant on 202 in Raritan (near Bridgewater border) last night- Char Steakhouse. I'm not sure which side of the highway it was on, but the sign was hard to miss. Has anyone tried this place yet?

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  1. Char used to be Acqua, an Italian restaurant that I really enjoyed. Food was always good, service was exceptional and the prices were right. The QPR (quality to price ratio) of this place was very high.

    I'm pretty sure that ownership and management have not changed. I'm not sure why the owners opted for a steakhouse, what with steakhouses popping up all over the place. I really have my fingers crossed, however, as this area could use a top notch steak joint.

    Char's web site seems to be under construction but it does show a menu, which looks promising. I think the restaurant has been open only a week so I may go after Christmas when the dust has settled.

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      ambrose- thanks for the information. i remember Acqua, although i never had the chance to eat there. that location/building always had an appeal to me. please let me know how it is when you try it.

    2. I was there twice already...I was a frequent customer of Acqua and yes, its the same owners that decided that there were too many italian restaurants in the area. The food is awesome, the prices are very reasonable for the quality and portions you get. Many of the old Acqua staff is still there, but also some new faces, both times the service was great. Definitely worth the trip...but call early, both time we went we had to change plans cause they were booked up (yeah, no kidding)

      1. I have been there a few times. Once to eat. THe food was great, the staff was great and the atmosphere was intimate. While i was there i got a look at the bar crowd and have since been back to bar multiple times. I am never disappointed by this bar or the crowd. It is a mixed crowd from young single professionals to people waiting for their reservations. I have met a lot of great people and have even gone on a few dates a guy i met there. THis is definably a local hot spot for singles! Also a great place for you and a few friends to go for drinks and appetizers. By the way the stuffed mushrooms and calamari is amazing. So is the vegetable casserole! WOuld recommend this place to anyone but especially young people looking to have good conversations with attractive people. Check it out on the weekends!

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          We ate here a few weeks ago and that will be our last. The service was terrible. Staff was very unprofessional. My husband ordered a steak med well and I ordered mine med. They both came to us rare. The noise level in the place was way too loud and it was 6:30pm. Friends from work had a similiar experience when they went. They said that the staff was rude when they sent their meals back. It's sad to see a steak house that does not know how to prepare steaks.