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Dec 5, 2008 01:23 AM

Best place to get a cup of tea?

Where's the best place in Toronto to get a cup of tea? Especially chai tea. Both in terms of good tea, and also nice atmosphere.

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  1. there is a very nice tea shop on bloor just east of bathurst on the north side. very nice atmosphere and the guy who runs it is very friendly. can't even guess at how many types of tea he has. lots of people on computers and reading.

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    1. re: ribboy

      I think you're talking about All Things Tea? I find the guy who runs it very friendly too and it's a nice place to just linger and read. I like how they have the soy milk option if you don't want regular milk in your chai.

    2. Red Tea Box on Queen West. Amazing, but it'll cost you!

      1. Luba's downstairs at St. Lawrence Market makes a great Chai Latte. Way better than the carpenters glue served at Starbucks.

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          They recently opened up Davids tea on queen, just east of Spadina on the North side of queen street. It seems they have a huge selection of loose tea. Have yet to try it myself, but might be the kind of shop you are looking for.

          I really enjoy the chai misto from starbucks - a drink made up of half steamed milk, half chai tea. Add a bit of sugar and its pure bliss.