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Cheese Store NYC

Just curious what is everybody's opinion on the best cheese stores in manhattan? I only know Murray's. Thanks

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    1. I love Murrays. I have been going there since I was wheeled around in the stroller and still can't resist the variety of choices that they have. Plus, the frequently have some good deals on "special" cheeses.

      1. Artisanal, Fairway, Essex Market

        1. Murray's is generally considered the best. However, East Village Cheese, on Third, is great for lower prices.

          1. Ideal cheese on 51st and 1st is often over looked, and is fnatastic.

            1. Artisinal is has a better selection, and store their cheese better than Murrays. It's expensive, but it's the best.

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                Totally agree. Murrays is good (the Bleecker Street location; not crazy about the Grand Central one) but no match for Artisanal in terms of selection and storage. I find the cheeses that I have purchased at Artisanal to be more flavorful than Murrays.

                1. Murray's is fantastic, but every time I've been, mobbed. We went to Saxelby cheesemongers in Essex Street Market before Thanksgiving for our cheese plate and got three outstanding cheeses. Anne Saxelby was really patient and we tried several cheeses. Her cheeses are all local, but the only one I remembered buying was Hooligan. I loved the ones we got so much, I ate them for breakfast. No joke. I looked forward to the cheese more than leftover turkey!

                  1. Artisanal.is where I go. Some selections can be expensive, but it has the quality to back it up.

                    1. For Italian cheeses, DiPalo on Grand Street in Little Italy is very good.

                      1. New serious monger in town. Cheese on 62nd just east of Lex has virtually all raw milk cheeses, none of the normal cliches and a staff that is very knowledgable. Almost anything can be sampled and carries a complete line of Rolf Beeler, Lazy Lady, and Jasper Hills. Manager is a short woman with a raucous laugh whose passion has been cheese for a decade or two. Sullivan St and Balthazar breads as well.

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                          I went to Cheese on 62nd about a month ago and while the cheeses were excellent… the service really made me not want to go back! There were two ladies working at the time, and I have a feeling one of them was the owner. I was working with the “non-owner” at selecting and tasting cheeses, and meanwhile the owner kept telling her to give me SMALL amounts to taste, or even to not cut a cheese to taste (because the cheese hasn’t been cut before)!! Since I was there, I bought about 40 bucks worth of cheese, but I don’t plan on going back because I was barely able to taste the cheeses I wanted to try. You can’t be so frugal in the cheese business.

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                            Give it a try again, old guy on weekends who is good and generous.

                        2. I don't love Murray's. East Village Cheese generally has the same selections at better prices, and better service, imho.

                          There are some lovely artisanal cheeses available directly from their producers at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays.

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                            Yes, Three Corners Farm has wonderful cheese, as does the place that sells Hooligan's etc.

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                                Thanks - I always forget, obviously. BTW - I noticed this weekend that Le Gigot has a three course dinner prix fixe for $45 and bouillabaisse (sp?) is one of the choices. I'll go find that thread and post it there.

                          2. Terrible experience with Artisinal. Ordered cheese for the holidays a week in advance. Guaranteed overnight delivery. Never got the cheese and some of the most confused, discombobulated customer service/ management I have ever encountered on any level. We had an evening planned with the cheese as the focus and several other pieces for gifts. No effort made to make it right. Brick and mortar store would be great, but I'm not that close. Beware of their on-line mail order service.

                            I have enjoyed Murray's on my infrequent trips to NYC.