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Dec 4, 2008 09:55 PM

Tetsuya's - Have a reservation!

What is the acceptable dress code for a Saturday lunch there? I am terrible when it comes to anything more than jeans and a collared shirt, but will make a sacrifice if need be this once.

As for taking pictures of each course? what is the etiquette? I have a great low light lens on my digital SLR but it is hardly a small camera... The last time I had a truly great meal (I was in NYC) the amount of wine consumed left a blissful but blurry memory. I want to remember this :)

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  1. Congrat's!
    Tet's is one of our fav's and you will have an incredible meal.
    We had dinner reservations, so with that, it was suit and tie for DH.. lunch might be smart casual..everyone at dinner was dressed up..
    I had a broken foot from skiing so I couldn't wear that mini-skirt I bought earlier in the day.. : (
    Didn't take pictures or see anyone else taking them but ask your server..they are extremely nice and will steer you into what is acceptable.
    Tet's came out and spent about a half hour at our table..he is a charming man.
    The Ocean Trout is a thing of beauty.
    Have a great time and please report back!

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    1. Its absolutely fine to take photos of the food at any restaurant in sydney. It is a regular occurance in many of the fine diners in Sydney. Regarding dress, you can easily get away with jeans and a collared shirt. The people that dress up tend to be going for a special birthday or anniversary and want to make the effort to look the part. Nobody will blink an eyelid if you walk in dressed casually. Especailly not the staff! I eat at 3 hatters regularly in jeans and t-shirts and there is never even a second glance. Remember you'll be there for at least 3 hours so you want to be comfortable! Enjoy it!

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        That is good to know about the dress code...don't feel like packing a suit for a holiday!

      2. my mates have shown up wearing work boots and jeans, and still get the same nice service at tets. The great thing about Tets is they don't differentiate!

        However, my last meal there was overrated, not sure what was going on there... but 1/2 the dishes that nite didn't rock anyone's socks off

        1. Tetsuya's was amazing, probably the best meal I have ever had. Of the 13-14 courses only one was just 'good' (and it was good) and that was the 'Grilled Fillet of Barramundi with Braised Baby Fennel'. Every other course was an eating delight with many a surprise and perfect execution. At the beginning of the meal they asked about allergies and mentioned that the scampi dish would be raw to see if there were any problems with that. My partner didn't appreciate the raw scampi but she was warned so too bad I guess (not for me! I helped her with it).

          I had the matching wines which were well paired. The service was probably the best I have ever encountered (recently also dined at Berowra Waters Inn, Quay and Yoshii) with attentive and prompt service but not overwhelmingly so, and they spoke English! (not so at Yoshii).

          I took photographs of each course (without a flash) and I wore casual clothing (jeans, polo shirt and brown comfortable but not leather shoes) and there were people dressed both less and more fancily than myself.

          I cannot recommend Tetsuya's highly enough if you enjoy great food and are willing to pay for it.

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          1. re: SydneytoWaco

            I am so happy that you had an amazing meal..did they have the oceanic trout?
            Upload some pics..
            Thanks for reporting back!