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Dec 4, 2008 08:10 PM

Maia?!? Whats Happening Over There?

Im totally confused. Anyone been there lately? I took some good foodie friends from San Fran there last weekend. The menu was nothing like it was before and nothing like what the reviews touted. I called to get a menu emailed and they said it was posted on the website. It was not even remotely like the one we got and we saw both the "upstairs" and "bistro" versions.
Any one have the 411 to fill me in? Am I missing something?

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  1. Well I do know when new restaurants are in line to be reviewed by Mr. LaBAN
    they pull out all the stops. I actually tried Maia about 3 weeks after their review and had a pretty good meal. Some restaurants also change their menus quite often. I wonder was the food not as good or just different.

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      I think I was just a little embarrassed because the menu was not at all like what was given 3 bells by Laban and I was trying to impress friends and show them Philly does have some cool stuff going on. The menu upstairs looked intriguing and inventive based on the website and the review. What we were offered was just all the basics you would see everywhere else and there were sandwiches on the upstairs fine dining dinner menu? I guess I was just misinformed Downstairs was to have a European flair which I like: the menu was again basic, seasoning on most of the food was totally too much salt on some things and not enough on others. It did not seem fresh and local like they were touting (maybe Joy Manning of Philly Mag was right?)

    2. One of the chefs left recently, maybe they changed the menus to reflect that. Was your meal good?

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        didn't two brothers own Maia? I thought I read one of them was leaving. Could be wrong, however.

        1. re: IamStarving

          The brothers are Patrick and Terence Feury, Terence is the one who left:

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            Do you know why one of them left? As Im reading more on line it was a much touted brotherly adventure. Thanks-

            1. re: NateMac67

              I haven't heard an explanation of why he left or where he is heading. But, he and his brother both seem like fine people. I think the Feurys had a n interesting concept but were too ambitious. Maia wasn't aiming to be just a restaurant: It has attempted to be a 1) fine dining spot, 2) a downstairs bistro, 3) with a happening-groovy-swinging bar for the over forty set, 4) a front of the house gourmet sandwich/coffee bar AND 5) a market with prepared foods and imported beer. It's tough to succeed with all five of those things PLUS, in an out of the way, difficult to get to location. I think the Fleurys had a terrific attitude, worked hard and were respectful to their staff. The problem has been with the many middle managers who fall all over each other trying to be decision makers. Some have been lousy at their jobs and just plain rude. In the process, they've treated quite a few employees rather poorly, which reflects in the overall feeling of the place.

      2. Maia has gone down recently, sadly. It earns a 2 out of 10 in my book. Nectar isn't bad, though.