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Dec 4, 2008 08:05 PM

Fun restaurant and after dinner drink recs needed for friends that go way back, please!

My dearest friend is in town visiting, we haven't seen each other in six months, and you know how best girlfriends are, people. We need a great restaurant for dinner and a wine bar for a drink afterwards that won't look down on a couple goofy old friends having a great time with maybe a wee too much to drink. She has high expectations of our food scene here in SF, but not looking for crazy exotic cuisine. It would be great if dinner and the after dinner drink were within walking distance, but not necessary. Help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you don't care about being in the heart of nightlife can always cab there...I would start at Perbacco on California near Battery in Financial Dist, You can pre or post drink either at The Wine Bar in 2 Embarcadero or next door at Tadich.

      1. Because you specifically said wine bar, how about the Dogpatch neighborhood--Piccino for dinner and Yield Wine Bar right around the corner.

        Piccino Restaurant & Coffee Bar
        1001 Minnesota St, San Francisco, CA 94107

        Yield Wine Bar
        2490 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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        1. re: Atomica

          Serpentine is also right there.

        2. Zuni, just decorated with a tree for the holidays, followed by Cav next door or Hotel Biron (both wine bars) around the side alley.

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          1. re: Frosty Melon

            Good suggestion FM; I am a big fan of both Zuni and Cav.

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              That is what I was going to suggest. Of the two wine bars I prefer Biron.

            2. Go to the Elks Club for drinks; 450 Post, 3rd Floor. Food is good and fresh but maybe not up too your friends standards($20 per person)

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