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Recommend me... Northwestern Beers

Hi guys-

I'm trying to put together a bit of a Christmas care package for my father-in-law, who's a big fan of interesting beers... The trouble is, I'm not a beer-drinker myself and I don't know the good from the bad. So I need some opinions...

What local beers would you send to a fellow who's a fan of Alaskan Amber and Fosters?

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  1. Alaskan Amber: Deschutes Mirror Pond Ale or MacTarnahan's Ale
    Fosters: Session Ale

    1. I'm a fan of Bridgeport IPA ,it has a quality that sets it aside from most other IPAS. Rogue also has something he might like.

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      1. How about one of Grants's beers to highlight the use of NW hops?

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          Are the Grant's beers still being made?

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            I'm thinking that someone might have tried to revive them recently, unsuccessfully.

            What a shame that Bert Grant's pioneering beers came to this.

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              Yeah, I miss them. Particularly the imperial stout and the dark winter ale flavored with honey & Mt. Hood hops.

        2. My SO loves Rogue Ales, but as I'm not a beer drinker, I couldn't tell you which is closest to Alaskan Amber or Fosters - I've always found the people at the brewery very helpful, so they might be able to help out.


          Rogue Ales Brewery
          748 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365

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            Rogue's American Amber is a beautiful brew - so much more flavorful than most beers that bear that name -- though Full Sail's amber is also very fine.

          2. caldera is obscure but tasty.

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                I used to love Pyramid. It seems as if they decided to go down the middle of the road lately. They dont' even make their pale ale anymore.

              2. Rogue Dead Guy for a change of pace.

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                  When I mentioned this thread to my SO last night, that was his recommendation. It's pretty easy to find in our local grocery stores also (Salem, OR)

                2. I love Rogue Ales, although some of them are pretty radical in terms of flavor intensity. Full Sail Amber seems like an excellent recommendation. You might also look for Fish Tale Ales. Their Oganic Amber Ale is widely available, and you may be able to find Winterfish Ale this time of year, for a more full-flavored brew.

                  1. Don't know where you are and where your dad is, but you might include Ninkasi from Eugene, Weed from Weed Ca., and Lagunitas-stretching it, but regional and always interesting. Also there are some upper end Deschutes currently that are cool, though pricey.

                    1. Thanks guys. This has helped a lot. XD