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Dec 4, 2008 07:19 PM

MSP: Kid Friendly or NOT?!

Earlier tonight my DH and I were looking for a quick bite and friend suggested the Herkimer. I have been there before (before kids) and really enjoyed their beer and burgers.

Trouble was, they don't have booster seats for kids.

I wasn't looking for a restaurant with a kids menu, was I asking too much in expecting a booster seat?

Are there other non-kid friendly restaurants MSP parents should know about?

Some of us chowhounds might read Renee and Steve's reviews and since they've added a child to the mix, they are now rating kid friendliness in their reviews.

I hope this doesn't degenerate into a discussion on kids behavior, and where you think they do or don't belong. That's not where I'm going here.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Oh Mary, I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. I saw your post yesterday and just didn't have any flashes of brilliance, and, so, didn't respond. Now, I wish I had. Unfortunately, I think the sub-set of restaurants that are kid-friendly is smaller than the sub-set of restaurants that aren't, so I think it's easier to list the kid-friendly ones.

      I think the "blue plate" chain caters to families--Longfellow/Highland/Edina/Groveland Tap and whatever their newest one is.

      Lots of spots along University Avenue would be fine for kids: Little Szechuan, Que Nha, Saigon (haven't been to their new spot, though).

      Kids love the momos at Everest on Grand.

      Midtown Global Market is awesome for families as is Los Ocampo or La Hacienda along Lake St.

      The Nook and its sister Shamrocks.

      Also along West 7th, Day by Day Cafe.

      Just about any place we have had a chowdown: Jun Bo or Mai Village or Crystal Bistro or Himalayan...

      In Roseville: China Jen or Maverick's or that Indian place in the hotel.

      Birchwood seems to embrace children.

      Kid-friendly and vegetarian:
      Kid-friendly and fun:
      Kid-friendly if you're visiting from SoCal
      Kid-friendly but still good for you

      I hope this helps!


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        Thanks TDQ. I've been to nearly all of these places. We go out a lot and have never had and issue till now.

        It was quite a surprise.

        Guess I'll learn to call ahead if I have any doubt.


      2. I'm pretty sure that Town Hall has booster seat-- I know for sure I've seen lots of kids there. I mention that place since it is also a place to have good beer and acceptable food (esp. burgers).

        Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
        1430 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. No, it's not asking too much - we bring our kids out to eat all over the place and the only place I ever recall having trouble with seating was (surprisingly) the Pineda on Robert St - they had boosters, but the booths were so bouncy it was really perilous for a tot to sit on it.

            But I think generally speaking, it's safe to assume you'll find a booster or high chair, and usually both - bummer that you didn't.

            And of course that's not to say that I'd necesarily expect dive bars or $$$$ fancy schmancy places to have kid seating (although many of these do too).