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Dec 4, 2008 05:26 PM

asian regional cooking classes in oc?

looking for a cooking class in either la, oc, or riverside county. thai or indian would be ideal. any recommendations?

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  1. Hi

    You will want to a post a query on the California board for cooking classes in Riverside County.

    1. Check with our local parks. For instance, in Cerritos and Long Beach, they have offered both Thai and Chinese cooking classes at various times. Also, you may want to check with a local gourmet/kitchen stores. Sur La Table offers various classes, just check their website.

      1. I have enjoyed cooking classes at the Royal Thai in Newport Beach. They have a set schedule (past in November) of classes, but if you bring in a large group, you can schedule any day for it if they agree. Their recipes are really, really good in comparison to like dishes by other recipes.


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          Hi :)
          I'am interested in trying out this cooking class you just suggested in November. Could you tell me in more detail what to expect? It doesn't say much about the classes other then the menu on the web site. I'd appreciate it, Thanks!