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Dec 4, 2008 04:23 PM

MSP: Brickhouse BBQ: chicken

I cannot believe I ordered from Brickhouse and didn't get any ribs, but it was chicken tonight: take home.
1/2 fried chicken dinner which included fries, slaw,Texas Toast and their sauce.
We also got a 1/2 bbq chicken a la carte.

Fried chicken was might tasty, nice crunchy skin. Nice seasoning. Good alone, but also good dipped in the bbq sauce. The bbq chicken was also tasty, grilled style. Great dipped in the bbq sauce.

Definately worth the trip--for ribs or chicken. They have a full menu. Enjoyed their burgers when we stopped in for lunch a while back.

Brickhouse BBQ
(612) 522-9411
4330 Lyndale Avenue North,
Minneapolis, MN 55412

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