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Dec 4, 2008 03:37 PM

Trio at Four Seasons?

Does anyone have any comments about Trio at the Four Seasons?

Planning a New Year's Eve Dinner (must have lobster on the menu). Open to other suggestions, too. We're a group of four, from both East Coast and West Coast.

If there is a thread you can point me to, that would work... I searched before posting but I have A.D.D. and didn't see anything on my cursory scan....

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  1. I am not sure what you are asking: Is it a good place for new Years? or Is Trio a good place?

    I have been there a few times, it may not be my favorite place but it is solid:

    - Service is almost always good, maybe not great but solid (for service in Austin, which is weak on that, I would prefer Eddie V's)
    - It is a high quality steakhouse, meat is done to perfection
    - The sides are very nice (especially the corn)
    - The bread (buffover) are great

    - It is nothing more than a high quality steakhouse (that does not age its own meat) with high quality service.

    I personally think New Years is not about the greatest food, but a great experience, and for a steakhouse it is a great experience.

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    1. re: moosy

      Moosy.... thank you for the info.... Good point -- "is Trio good place in general, or good place for NYE?".... Sounds like it should be on our consideration list...

      Your post was very helpful.... What is (buffover) bread?

      1. re: girlgourmet

        He means "popover"; the bread the bring to the table is a giant popover.

    2. Girlgourmet-moosy's description did not give Trio nearly the credit it deserves. IMO it is the one of the best in town for dining and as far as a scene for New Eve's it doesn't get better than their lobby lounge, the place is jammin' nightly. The menu changes often according to what's in season giving it a fresh innovative feel but the staples stay, such as steaks and chops making it good for a group with different tastes. Have fun where ever you choose to go!

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        Do a search for Trio, I reviewed it a few weeks ago, FWIW

      2. Hi all... thank you all for tips and comments.... Singlemalt, I did a search but didn't find a recent review. Another hint? Gulch, thanks for your opinion... I appreciate all points of view. Sounds like what we are looking for....

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        1. re: girlgourmet

          Hope this link works. OTW, click on my name and run down the list and you will see my review entitled "Trio"

          1. re: singlemalt

            Ah, found it.... thanks, singlemalt! Nice write up.