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Dec 4, 2008 02:29 PM

Birthday dinner for mother in law

We are trying to find a great restraunt to go to for my mother-in-laws birthday. People are coming from out of town, but since we live here, we get to figure it out!
-space for 15 people total; separate room or separate area of restraunt would be nice.
-kind of fancy and special but without breaking the bank
-sadly, she is not too fond of asian or mexican food (mmm sushi boat...)
-not too far from Needham, so western suburbs ideal

Thank you so much for your help!

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  1. Sorry, no recommendations for western suburbs, but if you want to venture into Boston, Sel del Terre on the Waterfront would fit your requests. Enjoy

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    1. Perhaps Max Stein's American Grill, on the Lex/Bedford line just off 128, Dalya's in Bedford, or Cafe Escadrille in Burlington. Pricier in Burl: L'Andana Grill and Summer/Winter.

      1. Hi, there is a place in West Roxbury called Masona Grill and it is a fantastic spot. There is a room off of the bar that I think would fit your needs. The food is great and the place is quiet and cosy. Service is great as well and the owner usually is no the floor on cooking himself.
        Enjoy it s worth the money.($17-$24) I think it was.

        1. Vela in Wellesley might be a good choice. They have a nice private area in the front of the restaurant.

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            Vela would be an excellent choice. Also, the Metropolitan Club on Route 9 in Chestnut Hill would fit the bill.

          2. here's my suggestion:

            11/7/08 Maxwell's 148: Terrific Evening in Natick
            We found ourselves yesterday looking for a good meal between the culinary hinterlands of Holliston and Franklin. Maxwell’s 148 is in Natick about equidistant, timewise, between the two towns.

            I found no detailed CH reports but Open Table reviews looked most promising.
            We were not disappointed. The kudos I had read were all well justified. Staff was genuinely friendly and positive; definitely a no-attitude ‘Yes” kitchen and floor. The surfer boy -handsome chef was roaming about the room from time to time, looking happy. Our waitress, Katy, was as warm and knowledgable as can be. The room was very understated/beige beige beige, but quiet and comfortable seating; tables very well laid out and surrounded by good noise-absorbent padding. No Toro cacaphony here. Prices are high but then again, there are few (or no) places like Maxwell’s 148 in those suburbs, so people appear happy that this 5 yr. old spot is close to them. Imagine how happy YOU would be to not have to drive 30-45 minutes into Boston to get a comparable meal. The menu is very interesting, with dishes falling into either the Italian/Mediterranean camp or the Asian camp. [I remember Danny Wisel’s similarly themed (Pacifico?) place in Brookline Village years ago……(But what i really miss is his Armadillo Cafe)]

            Table mezze of hoomus- like dip w/ pureed asparagus and lemon: our instant addiction delighted Katy and she brought out a number of refills.

            Foie Gras torchon poached in port and served w/ a fig, mango, wild cherry compote. Man, that was perfect.

            Risotto Cake with Wild Mushroom Ragout.

            My Love’s Bison Osso Buco( tasted like beef to me; I would never have known.)

            The side of Thai Eggplant w/ Cashews was one of the best dishes I have had in the last few years. Amazing. Creamy, unctuous, deep rich flavor (caramelized onions, soy and ?....) I would reeeeally like the recipe for that.

            For our one dessert, the Amaretto soaked Dulce de Leche Cake- was beautifully done.

            My Scallops w/ Sundried tomato and Saffron Israeli Couscous – was too underplayed for me. I added some of that amazing asparagus spread and that perked the dish right up!

            Nice choice of $10 reds by the glass, mostly So.Amer.,Austr.,Spain and no problem w/ preview tastes to help us choose.

            What a really nice warm place this is, w/ excellent food. The $170 incl. 20% tip- was high for us but we left feeling very happy and well cared for. Hope some of you will treat yourselves.