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Dec 4, 2008 02:21 PM

Christmas Eve?

Hello Hounds,
I am looking for a recommendation for Christmas Eve dinner with husband & tween. This year we are looking for something reasonable, given my recent layoff. Italian, festive to lift our spirits! We like downtown, but have a car, so can travel.
Thanks & Happy Holidays to All!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your layoff. I haven't been to Otto, but those who have say the food's good and the vibe is lively.

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      Mag, sorry to hear about the layoff. Was just at Otto last night, and enjoyed it, but am not sure I would recommend it for your holiday dinner. What we ordered: a salad, spice rabe with ricotta salata, bruschetta, margherita pizza, rigatoni with sausage and greens, 2 desserts. Split between 3 adults, along with a bottle of the house red and a separate (cheapest on the menu) glass of wine. Our bill: $50/person, including tax and tip. It was an adequate amount of food, but none of us were stuffed by any means. Everything we had was very well prepared. No complaints there. Our complaints: extremely loud (we had to shout at each other and our table was not large), snooty and poorly attentive service, and the vibe was a little too happy hour/meat market for us. The happy hour vibe i can chalk up to it being 730pm on a weekday, and wouldn't expect the same Christmas eve. All that being said, I would still be willing to go back for the food and hope to be pleasantly surprised by the experience.