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Dec 4, 2008 02:13 PM

Head Cheese and Charcuterie in Dallas

Does anyone know where I can find head cheese and other charcuterie foods in Dallas? I know that Central Market has some items, but I'd like to find an independent butcher or market that might have more variety. Also, any good restaurants that have charcuterie on the menu? head cheese? Thanks!!!

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  1. Kubys and the Kroger stores that carry the full line of Boar's Head products have head cheese.

    1. Sam,

      Is headcheese a requirement? Lola's David Uygar makes his own salumi and I think Julian Barsotti does also at Nonna. If you want head cheese I would try Kuby's out in Snider Plaza or Henk's Black Forest behind the Half Price Books on NW Hwy and I am not certain if Rudolph's in Deep Ellum carries it also.

      I would say Kuby's deli counter would suit you nice for cold cuts but for the Italian vfariety you have to take your pick of Jimmy's (I believe only carries Molinari brand fron SF) or Central Market which has been getting some nice artisnal salumi in as of late. You could also order them online from Mario Batali's dad in Seattle and have it shipped or Fra' Mani from Berkley. If you are into the shipping thing then I have posted a few links for German style deli cold cuts (i.e. head cheese, blood sausage, etc) Seattle Berkley New York City New York City Also on Arthur Ave West Patterson, NJ not sure if they ship Astoria German Hams, Schniken, etc German Madison WI Local place in Colleyville that carries Schaller and Webere and Siegis in Tulsa....I would go to the source Tulsa shop that is actually smaller than Kuby's, but if you are in S. Tulsa it is worth the trip to there and Farrell Family Bread Milwaukee, WI New York City 2nd Ave Hungarian Yelp for W Nassau Meat Market in Queens Polish Style cold cuts Spanish style chorizo and Serrano

      That should do you for a while....let me know if you need anything else

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        Awesome post Lewisville...thanks for the info and links! Will try as many as I can...

        1. re: ShanghaiSam

          Most of these are Italian joints....any recs on French places that might have head cheese/pates/terrines? Thanks for all the help!

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            The french places here in town will be few and far between. I am not sure if the chef over at Normandy Alliance might put one together for you but I would ask there first b/c he seems to be the friendliest and most adventuresome chef. He comes out to greet most of the patrons.


            I believe Lavendou has a foie gras terrine


            St. Martin's might also be a place


            This might be of help a deli meat and cheese pairing chart


   Another great resource!!

            Now on to online places

   in Miami has quite a selection

   in S. San Fran might have what you are looking for

   might have to ask Central Market for this brand



        2. re: LewisvilleHounder

          No list of salumerias would be complete without mentioning Faicco's Pork Store in Dyker Heights in Brooklyn and in the West Village in Manhattan. No web site, no advertising, it's a neighborhood thing. Everything is homemade at reasonable prices. Be aware that during the holidays, they're packed.

          Faicco's Pork Store
          6511 11th Ave
          Brooklyn, NY 11219

          Faicco's Pork Store
          260 Bleecker St
          New York, NY 10014

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            That was actually on my list but since it was difficult to contact the store I chose to leave it off. Thanks for the correction Scagnetti it is appreciated!

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              You certainly have the NY hook-ups.

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                I have to add to this one. If you are in New York and in the village, stop by Faicco's and they have these great pork/rice balls or something like that. They are already prepared and you can eat them there. They are fantastic. The on the same street is Murreys cheese shop and Rocco's pastry shop.

            2. According the the following article, The Grape, Second Floor at the Galleria, and Craft also have Charcuterie.


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                Charlie Palmer makes their own.

              2. Just a quick update....found a pretty good German head cheese at Kuby's...still, it was delicious. They also had Landjaeger sausages (regular and jalapeno) which were great! Hadn't had a Landjaeger sausage since Pike Place Market in Seattle...Kuby's are almost as good. Thanks for all the help!

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                  I especially like the regular Landjaeger as the jalapeno can pack a wicked heartburn because of the amount of fat that is used in them. Glad you liked Kuby's! I really like the weiners there and in West at Nemecek Bros. in "downtown" West (north of Waco).

                  For the best brats try our Fischers in Muenster (a small German town just due west of Gainesville - about 20 miles...worth the trip!). Metzlers in Denton carries a variety of Fischers sausages as well as Bayers Kolonialwaren Bakerei Struedel. Both Fischers and Bayer's are better than anything I have found in Dallas. The fresh ring brat can only be found in Muenster though. I have fed that at some get togethers and for those who don't like Eckrich, other sausages or other types of brats loved it. The small town charm of both come through in Muenster. I can't remember the last time a grocery store let you go behind the counter and help yourself.

                  Bayer’s Kolonialwaren und Backeri
                  824 E. Division Street
                  Muenster, TX 76252
                  (940) 759-2822
                  Fax: (940) 759-5265

                  Bayer’s is in the retail and wholesale baking. Items include many types of specialty breads, donuts, cookies and nine flavors of strudel. Sausage kolaches & chicken peppers.



                  1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                    Thanks Hounder! I've only ever stopped at the Czech Stop in West for a huge box of kolaches...will definitely stop at Nemecek Bros. next time I head down to Austin.

                    1. re: ShanghaiSam

                      Stop at Gerik's for your kolaches. Larger and better quality than Czech Stop and less hectic too. They are just about a block down "Main Street" on the right (in the Old Czech Smokehouse).

                2. If you take a road trip to Austin, Chez Nous (just off Sixth Street) has a great peppery pate maison. This little bistro, whose owners are French, has been around for 25 years.