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Dec 4, 2008 02:01 PM

Mid-Atlantic restaurant for business meeting

I am seeking a nice restaurant with a private room to hold a business lunch for 10- 20 people who will be coming from south Jersey/Philadelphia and Northern NJ/NYC. It preferably should be easily accesible from the NJ Turnpike. I thought the East Brunswick, NJ area would work well but can not find a nice place. I do not know the area too well except for meetings I have attended at the area hotels. I would prefer this one not be at a hotel.

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  1. In New Brunswick, I would recommend The Frog and the Peach. Delicious Contemporary American cuisine and attractive surroundings. A stand alone restaurant and a pioneer in fine dining celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

    1. Princeton is just a little south of there and has a lot of options. My company tends to have a lot of dinner meetings at Tre Piani. Also nearby is the Salt Creek Grille. Tre Piani is a bit more upscale, SCG is more casual.

      There's also plenty of restaurants in Princeton... check other posts. These are pretty accessible from the NJ Turnpike (exit 9), from Route 1 for anyone heading up I-95 from Philly or I-295 from south Jersey.

      1. i noticed last time i dined at salt creek grill that they have two private dining rooms- i made note of these because i often host business meals. the rooms could hold up to 60 people each, but i am sure they will work with you on the number for lunch... the rooms were completely closed of from the restaurant, which is great for concentration if someone is speaking or presenting over lunch. the food is very good, and the prices are reasonable for a business meal. you did not mention your industry, but many of us are under tight constraints right now. with the economy in a downswing and the end of the fiscal year in sight, budgets are tight.

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          plenty of room its a huge place and great onion rolls
          off of the NJ turnpike before we left. Yelp definitely came through on this one... this dinner was fabulous!! Great food, huge portions and really affordable prices. The menu is so extensive it is a little daunting but all our orders were delicious! Try to save room for desert as they are excellent!