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Dec 4, 2008 01:59 PM

Any amazing food experience to be had in Atlanta?

My boyfriend and I are debating going to an acquaintance I haven't seen in year's wedding in Atlanta in January. If there was some really special food experience to be had in or outside of the city it might seem more worth it to go.

We live in NYC and are lucky enough to eat well a lot. So it would need to be something more than a great restaurant.

Any suggestions?

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  1. East of ATL in Social Circle, GA is a beautiful old plantation-style home that houses a REALLY good southern/soul food buffet. The food is excellent but the gorgeous old home and its grounds are definitely a great addition to the experience. It's called the Blue Willow Inn and you'll need reservations, but it's worth the trip, to be sure. Bring yer eatin' pants, this place is just deadly good . . .

    1. "Farm to Table" seems to be the talk of the food world these might try the restaurants at Serenbe (an up and coming farming/housing community), just south of the airport. You could even spend your nights about a contrast from NYC.
      I just read a very good review of The Hil, a new restaurant in that community.

      1. You could visit Your DeKalb Farmer's Market. Not as high-end as Whole Foods, but kind of a combination of that, Union Square, etc, all under one enormous roof. And load up on cheap spices for the return trip. And there are lots of things to do in downtown Decatur, which has a small-town feel despite being close to downtown.

        I like the Serenbe suggestion. I had another idea if you didn't want to venture as far afield (it is kind of in the middle of nowhere, and I could see city folks getting nervous when you can actually see the stars overhead- cue the dueling banjos). You could go to downtown Roswell- Swallow at the Hollow is a good (but not mind blowing) BBQ place and their sister restaurant Greenwood's on Green Street (across the street) is a great Southern food experience, and neither makes claims to being high dining. Both are fun as an experience, too.

        1. My guess is you would most enjoy southern food or bbq while in the area. Catfish might also be of interest. My suggestions are all good places to eat, but not high end at all.

          Mary Mac's on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta has been around for years and serves a variety of meats and vegetables, as does The Collonade on Cheshire Bridge Road. Either would be a great choice. Greenwood's on Green Street in Roswell has already been mentioned and is well worth a visit.

          For barbecue, Sam & Dave's BBQ1 on Lower Roswell Road in Cobb County is the best bbq in the area. Also worthy bbq is available at Swallow at the Hollow on Green Street in Roswell, Rolling Bones on Edgewood Avenue near downtown Atlanta and several other places. We all have our favorites.

          Catfish Jim's on US Hwy 41 in Kennesaw serves very good fried catfish fillets, as well as chicken, shrimp, etc. Their hushpuppies are among the best in the Atlanta area.