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Dec 4, 2008 01:27 PM

How do we cash in on Cheap Lobster?

So I've been hearing about the drop in lobster prices.

I hear it's like under 5bucks a pound over in the east coast.
Where in dallas can we take advantage of this?


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  1. Forget Dallas. How about Houston? Seriously, try Super H-mart, I think they're up there. I got some here a few weeks ago and they were 7.99. I don't know if you have HEB, they were 5.99 when they grand opened the I-10 Bunker Hill store. We'll never see them as low as they do in New England, just as they'll never see gas a cheap as we have it. I'll take cheaper gas every day.

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    1. re: James Cristinian

      Folks, if you check the NE Board there have some recent posts on some very good Maine companies that will ship live Maine lobstas to you at fairly reasonable prices.

      1. re: bakerboyz

        Oooh Yeahh, did not see that within the last week on the NE Board. Go to the General Topics and find very mixed reviews on NE shipped lobster, some say the prices are higher. Just pay 7.99 plus for local imported from wherever, and enjoy that it is not 15.99. I don't trust shiiping to Texas from the north, it is likely to arrive dead, as in lobster, or warm plus as I've has cheese/fruit trays after a death in family from Fed Ex with melted ice packs.


      houston had them for $7.99?! where were the lobsters from?

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      1. re: adkim

        HEB was out of them, and sometimes language can be a barrier at Super H, so I did not ask.

      2. How bout Dungeness Crab while we're at it??? In SF it's going for $4.99 / lb!
        At Central Market in Houston it was $22.99!!!!!
        I'm betting some asian markets might have it for less, as well as lobsters. Any recommendations?

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        1. re: sarvey

          costco in Austin has dungeness every weekend for $5.99/ lb

          1. re: amykragan

            No way! A new Costcot just opened here so I'll have to check it out. I'll become a member just for that!

        2. You might give Lobster Harvest, Inc a call for their prices. They have a website that's pretty uninformative except noting the location (W. Airfield Dr. DFW airport) and phone number. They've been there for years. It's been my understanding, if you can go to this location during their limited hours, that they have some pretty good deals on lobsters. The only drawback - while the website promotes live ones, I *think* they ones available for pick-up are frozen. You need to call for specifics.

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Thanks. Might have to give them a call. They're right around the corner.

          2. A warning about the Dungeness Crab at least at the Costco on I-10, San Antonio...the last four I bought and I did buy them frozen, packed them in a cooler and drove them back to Kerrville....when thawed and opened for cleaning, looked they had been harvested in the middle of an oil slick. Totally disgusting. I returned them next day and will say that Costco gave me a full refund, as well they should have. BUT if you do decide to try them, have the counter man open them up. No point in getting them to your house and not being able to eat them. I lived for years in the Northwest and we had Dungeness crab from our own pots. I KNOW they should not be blackish and oily on the inside! I'm willing to try Costco again, but, as I said, will have a look inside before I buy

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            1. re: amazinc

              Yeah, they are an attractive buy in the stores now, but the days of eating lobster in a restaurant without having to mortgage away the farm and your first born are long gone.