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Diaz Back?

I noticed Tricity News has an ad on page 8 for "Diaz's Flavor," Formerly Diaz Rice & Beans Asbury Park. A Dominican style restaurant - 279 Broadway, Long Branch. Have been a fan since they opened in Avon years ago. Anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Diaz Rice n Beans turned into Jose Rice n Beans a while back and was still Jose Rice n Beans the last I checked a month or so ago. Different owners but same great food.

    It'll be interesting to see how the new Diaz compares to Jose. :)

    1. Diaz is the man. Can anyone confirm if this is Diaz originally from Avon?

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        Based on what the ads say, I think it has to be the same guy......

      2. I went to "Diaz Flavor" in West Long Branch today. It is in fact the guy from Avon (I asked). His brother has Jose Rice and Beans.

        I'd never been before but thought to try it after reading these posts as it's close by. The food was great- pork chops, half a roast chicken w/ chicken stew sauce on side, tripe soup which was sublime- an enormous amount of food for around $20. It's a very modest place with only 4 or 5 tables. He plans to get more. Right now it's open daily from around 11 to 6 or 7 but he plans to start dinners on Thurs-Sat nights. Highly recommend.

        1. Got some take-out from Diaz Flavor. It's on Broadway near the intersection of Fifth Ave. It's a small strorefront place with a couple of tables and a row of counter stools. The owner is very nice and has a passion for cooking.

          We liked the food a lot and plan go back. Had short ribs with barbecue sauce, roast pork (pernil), sweet plantains, rice&beans. Great flavors. The beans are outstanding. Mr C loved the sweet coconut flan for dessert. Reasonable prices.

          Photo of restaurant: http://www.flickr.com/photos/valann/3...
          Diaz Flavor Dominican Style Restaurant
          279 Broadway, Long Branch NJ 732-222-5005

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            val ann c-
            You mention having Short Ribs. Were these on special? I can't find them on the menu (at least the take-out one).

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              I'm guessing it was a special. When I went, he had a great sounding osso bucco dish that I wasn't hungry enough to order. I wish I knew his special schedule because these are the things that I really want to try.

          2. Been to Diaz twice and would highly recommend it. From the white sweet potato chips to the plantain lasagna, Diaz offers unique, flavorful dishes at a very reasonable price. The entrees are wonderful, and the homemade desserts, made by Diaz' wife, are delicious. The whole staff is very attentive and hospitable. Definitely on our favorite dining list. BYOB.

            1. Diaz's Menu: http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/Take...

              Pic of restaurant and dish of Pernil and Mofongo (prior to complimentary serving of Rice & Beans was brought out)

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                How did it taste, flavorful, bland.... inquiring minds...

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                  It was very good. Unusual white potato chips with salsa that had a zing of lime juice.

                  Pernil was moist and not overly fatty. It was well seasoned, but one should realize that Dominican cuisine is not overly spicy. Despite the Hispanic/Caribbean influences it is rather mild, much like Cuban cuisine.

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                    Thanks Mark, well seasoned is how I prefer pernil. I can always add heat but adding heat without flavor can be a problem :)
                    Its a hike for us but I need to get there.

              2. Went to Diaz's for lunch today and had a Cubano sandwich with a side of tostones. Excellent. The sandwich had a nice balance of meat to cheese and toppings. Generous helping of tostones were cooked perfectly and not greasy. Came with a small helping of Salsa, but, being me I had to order a side of hot sauce too...

                1. Just returned from lunch at Diaz Flavor, excellent! I had been to the previous 2 locations many times, but this was the best visit yet! I almost always order the Cuban Sandwich, as I did today, but also tried the Mofongo for the first time as well as the Oxtail Special. The Cubano was exactly as equal_Mark has described, and the Oxtails were nothing short of AMAZING. They were slow cooked in a sauce of garlic& tomato, highly seasoned but not spicy at all. The sauce these oxtails give off is as good, if not better than the actual pieces of meat. It was so sticky and delicious, the provided napkins actually stick to your fingers when you try to wipe them off, although you should probably lick your fingers clean! The service was extremely friendly & informative, as it always has been at any of the Diaz incarnations I've been to, when Mr. Diaz himself has been there (at least I'm assuming his name is actually Mr. Diaz). When my plate of Oxtails was brought to the table, he saw me trying to use my fork, and said, "don't be shy pick them right up and eat them with your hands!" I did, and I will again. Would also like to add that Mrs.Drew said the Arroz Amarillo & Gandules was the best she'd ever had, that was at least until Mr. Diaz sent out a small plate of what he called his favorite, Black Beans & Rice. I honestly can't wait to return and try one of the stews or another daily special.

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                    Thanks for the review Drew. I love oxtails so I guess I have to make it over ASAP. How was the mofongo? I'm also looking forward to trying the pernil.

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                      If any of you like tripe you should try the tripe soup, mondongo! Mmm so good.

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                        I got around to trying Diaz this afternoon and must echo the sentiments of Mark and Drew. Both the service and food was excellent. Per joon's recommendation I started with a cup of the mondongo. The tripe in this soup was melt in your mouth soft. I asked Mr. Diaz how he got it that soft (as opposed to its usual chewy texture) and he explained that it gained that consistency being prepared in a pressure cooker. Next, I ordered a plate of the oxtails which thankfully was still on special along with a heaping plateful of black beans and rice. I can't add anything to what already was said by my good friend Drew except to add that I did in fact eat them with my fingers and received a "that a boy" from Mr. Diaz. All of the above was washed down with a very refreshing glass of the homemade passion fruit drink. I can't wait to return to try some of the other items on the menu. Good Luck.

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                          Glad you liked the soup. :)

                          I'm also a big oxtail fan but I've never had diaz's. I should try it out one of these days..

                          Sort of off topic but had some killer oxtail at Jameson's the other day. Wow it was sooo tender. Yum!

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                            OK, so I'm a little late to the party ... ;o)

                            Finally got to Diaz's flavor for lunch today and boy was it good. The pernil was as good as any I've ever had and the same with the beans.

                            Just wanted to add my rec to those already mentioned here.

                            Anyone try any of the other small ethnic joints nearby on Broadway? Some of those looked decent to me.

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                              I like the taco and rotisserie joint in that area. Oaxaqueno II or something?

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                            Going for dinner tonight will report back asap...thanx

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                              The last time I drove by Diaz Flavor it seemed like it had either closed or turned into another establishment...

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                                  Another "Diaz" joint bites the dust? Went to Jose Rice & Beans in Asbury yesterday and the place was closed...where am I supposed to go get my Rice n Beans fix???

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                                    Do we know for sure if Diaz actually closed?

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                                      b., I just checked the old-fashioned way -- with a phone call. The young man who answered the phone had a very heavy Spanish accent and relatively poor command of English. I speak French but not Spanish, so I did the best I could getting answers to my questions.

                                      Diaz is, indeed, gone. But that same location is now occupied by another restaurant with different owners. It serves Dominican cuisine, and the name is (Something) Latin Flavors. Even after a couple of tries, I couldn't get that first word. Obviously, same phone number.

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                                        Thanks for the report RGR. I'll bite the bullet and try out the new restaurant.. :D I'm gonna miss Diaz's rice and beans.

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                                          We only ate at Diaz once in the original location. We liked the food though I don't recall having rice and beans.

                                          Do report back when you've tried this new spot and let us know (1) how the food is and (2) what that "something" part of the name is. lol

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                                          Space is now occupied by a place called Ada's Latin
                                          Flavor serving Dominican food.

                                          Menu be here: http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/Take...

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                                            Ada's flavor is very good we eat there all the time ....she is from Ethiopia benn at this location 7 months.. and cooks excellent Latin Dishes with an slight African flare...a super gracious hostess also....small place with a lot of love going on ...try it! Brodaway & 5th st Long Branch

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                                              Any specific dishes you would recommend? Understand that I like things spicy but am aware that Dominican/Cuban fare leans to the mild side.

                                              Have you tried their Cubano Sandwich?

                                              1. re: equal_Mark

                                                Aida offers some very good special combos at great prices...the pollo guisada was excellent...... as was the mofongo make sure they ooput some sauce on top yum.. I also enjoyed the steak with oinions & empanadas. havn't tried the cuban sandwiches yet.

                                      2. re: joonjoon

                                        This doesn't help much but can't hurt. I work a charity event every year where local restaurants donate and serve food to charity attendees. Justine from Silk Catering serves her own Puerto Rican rice and beans and several other authentic dishes every year. She doesn't have a web site. You can google Silk Catering for the phone number. She's in Tinton Falls. When I see her this year (May 7), I will ask her if she knows of any local restaurants that serve rice and beans that may possibly hold a candle to hers.

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                              OMG, that stuff sounds sooo ggod I am sitting here drooling wondering how fast I can make it to Asbury for lunch!

                              1. re: shorebilly

                                Shorebilly, better make that Long Branch!

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                                  We had a wonderful dinner at Aidas Taste in Long Branch tonight again....I ordered the Special Pork Ribs in garlic sauce....it was super delicious, the meat fell off the bone covered in a succulent sauce with spices I never tasted before that was amazing...also Aida is a great hostess.....we also had deep fried pork chops again excellent crispy with just the right amount of seasoning, side of yellow rice w/ grandules & red beans....scrumptous!!


                                  1. re: Tapas52

                                    I'll assume the "Special Pork Ribs" are in fact a special? Don't see them on the takeout menu. They sound pretty good...

                                    They have a website too:


                                    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be finished. Still needs some details, like a MENU?

                                    1. re: equal_Mark

                                      Hi Mark....yes they were a "Blackboard Special"...I saw them up on the wall and decided to try them I'm. glad I did Yum!

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                                        Wonder if it is the same garlic sauce they serve with the shrimp on the menu.

                                        1. re: equal_Mark

                                          Mark...this was very different then the usual garlic sauce.....with many spices, she told me she makes it special just for the Rib dish. The meat fell right off the bone no need to use your fingers also ...

                                          1. re: Tapas52

                                            Tapas you're killing me!! Drool...

                                            1. re: joonjoon

                                              Figured it was time to get this establishment out from under the weight of the Diaz thread and start a new one on Ada's here: