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Dec 4, 2008 01:09 PM

Where can I buy cornichons?

Safeway has lousy ones. Does anyone know where I can find jars of good quality cornichons?

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  1. I bought Roland brand at Berkeley Bowl, and they had others. I am not so picky but I thought they were good.

    1. I'm pretty sure that Trader Joes and Whole Foods has them in jars, but I really like the ones from the olive case at The Pasta Shop.

      1. My favorite are the Maille cornichons, which I get at Andronico's. I agree that the brands I've had from Safeway are awful.

        1. I like the ones, not in jars, that the Cheeseboard in Berkeley sells.

          1. I've seen them in the olive bars at various Mollie Stones.