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Where can I buy cornichons?

Safeway has lousy ones. Does anyone know where I can find jars of good quality cornichons?

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  1. I bought Roland brand at Berkeley Bowl, and they had others. I am not so picky but I thought they were good.

    1. I'm pretty sure that Trader Joes and Whole Foods has them in jars, but I really like the ones from the olive case at The Pasta Shop.

      1. My favorite are the Maille cornichons, which I get at Andronico's. I agree that the brands I've had from Safeway are awful.

        1. I like the ones, not in jars, that the Cheeseboard in Berkeley sells.

          1. I've seen them in the olive bars at various Mollie Stones.

            1. like the ones at Traders joes plus they are not ridiculously expensive

              1. Bev MO has them in WC. Probably other sites as well,

                1. All Andronico stores stock them and, as a bonus, if you buy a sandwich at their deli counters, they will but some on your paté or other sandwich at no extra charge.

                  1. I get mine by the case from Le Village. Whatever you do, make sure you read the ingredients. If there's any source of sugar in any form, they will be terrible.

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                      Thanks, Steve, but I would NEVER make that mistake. My wife is a sour pickle fanatic and pickles that touch sugar will never touch hers. We're now at the point where we order our pickles from an East Coast kosher deli that specializes in extra sour kosher dills. Costs a fortune in shipping but it's well worth it. The cornichons Andronico sells are extremely sour/bitter and I seriously doubt that they could possibly contain any sugar. But "reading the label" is always an excellent idea.