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A Winter Farmers' Market?

Hi everyone -

I'm new to RI and heard about the Winter Farmers' Market opening this Saturday. Does anyone know more about it? Has anyone gone before?

The website is http://www.farmfresh.org/food/farmers...

I'm really wondering what kinds of things are available in the winter. Are there any other indoor farmers' markets in New England like this?

Thanks - I'd love some feedback.

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  1. Two in eastern NY--Troy,a long standing year around market, and Schenectady, a new winter market.

    1. This is the first year in this new location. I'd imagine many of the same vendors will be back. It's in a lovely, interesting building.

      1. curiouscheese, from what I have readthere will be Breads, cheese, some meats and seafood and jams and jelliesand the late-fall crops (Broccoli, spainach, lettuce, brussel sprouts etc.) . I am looking foward to it!

        1. Oh yes! I love the Winter Market. I went every week last year and was always surprised by the selection throughout the winter. I'm addicted to the littleneck clams, the apples from Hill Orchards, cheese from Narragansett Creamery, and farm fresh eggs. Also, pecans and DELICIOUS oranges and grapefruits from a family farm in Georgia and Florida.

          I am pretty sure there are going to be more vendors this year. They are moving to Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, which has more room than AS220.

          1. I just heard he Stonington, Ct farmers mrket is open for the winter. I know the summer on is great, especially if you love seafood. I will get back with more info!

            1. By way of a report, the market was FAR bigger than last year's, well organized and extremely well attended. I was very impressed by the scale of it, and the quality of the goods was tremendous. I got excellent salad greens, broccoli, eggs, bread, and apples. There were loads of other good things I passed up for now, but I'll be back next week. I hope that a good deal of the new farmers have planned to continue to have produce into the winter--I know January-March can be a very lean time.

              My only quarrel is that the location, while beautiful, is much more hidden from passerby than the thoroughly public AS220. I completely understand why they needed a larger space, and someday I would love to see the market in a more visible, readily accessible location. The new location is great for the farmers and local food devotees, but in the end will not draw in many curious outsiders.

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                Agreed, celeriac, on many points. It was huge! I felt like I was in Pike's Place market in Seattle...

                This market was well worth the travel and I do think people will seek it out. I won't miss a week!

                1. re: jessabuka

                  I've never been to the AS220 one, so I'll take your word for it that there were many more vendors! But even without having anything to compare it to, I was impressed with the crowd.

                  Just went to browse because it's located in my hood. Not surprising, since the folks in the 'hood are more Price Rite shoppers and not so much Farmers' Market shoppers.

                  Speaking of, I know that Rosinha's has opened in that mill building but I've not yet talked to anyone who's eaten there. Anyone here? Most in Woodlawn seem to go to Rosa's Kitchen down the street, which I haven't tried yet either. But everyone raves about the food, especially the breakfast and the good prices.

                  1. re: GabachaYucateca

                    I've been to Rosinha's for a get together with colleagues from work. We had a set menu so I did not get a chance to order too many things to try. That said, what we did have was quite good. While the restaurant is owned by Cape Verdeans and features Cape Verdean food, most of what we ate was classic Portuguese food. Excellent appetizers (rissois de camarao, pasteis de bacalhau) and the very tasty steak and shrimp. The bacalhau main course was a bit heavy on the potatoes but was delicious. I was too full to try dessert but what people ordered looked very nice. The atmosphere was the best part of the experience. A very elegant, intimate vibe prevails. The night that I ate there, there was live Portuguese music, but I know that restaurant will be featuring Cape Verdean music as well. All in all, Rosinha would be a great place to check out for a more upscale romantic dinner or a larger group event.

                2. re: celeriac

                  people just passing by aren't gonna make the market thrive- and anyone attempting to make an effort to get to the as220 market was 'rewarded' with the awful parking downtown...the new market is a huge improvement on every level. if you haven't been - make the effort!

                  1. re: sk3

                    I finally made it to the Winter Market and it was good, but not great. It did help alleviate my withdrawal cravings for a farmers market, at least. Unbeknownst to me living outside Boston, the day before I visited it had been written up in the Providence Journal and was mobbed from the extra publicity. A number of the booths were overwhelmed and were running out of product. I bought and enjoyed Lemon Pesto, Organic Eggs, Hardshell Clams, Garlic, some amazing Sweet Ginger Walnuts, some fresh dried beans from Maine, and some local cheeses. I just defrosted a Grass Fed Steak that I hope to enjoy tonight. I hope to make it back to the market soon and see if anything has changed.

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                      It's important to realize, also, that there is very little produce (besides roots, squash and apples) available this time of year. January through March are really the leanest months, as even farmers with greenhouses or other winter growing setups are stymied with the lack of light. I was there yesterday as well, and although I got there close to closing I was pleasantly surprised to find turnip and radish greens nonetheless--a real treat in the middle of winter.