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Dec 4, 2008 12:51 PM



I have just came to tworonto from up norf, and I am wondering where is the best phish in the city? phish and seafood in general for home eating..

and any places with the greatest variety of roe?

money no object.

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  1. ...Did you spell fish like that on purpose? Anyway if you give more of a specific location a good fish monger can surely be recommended in your area. Alternatively, the nearest T&T supermarket can provide a great range of seafood.

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    1. re: graydyn

      im loooking four phish not mean little purposes.

      i am in the downtown area, but anywhere around the gee tea eh is ok,

      phish mainly for sashimi purposes, meaning the whole phish that i can cut up

      1. re: Evilyn

        T&T has a pretty nice seafood counter in general and sell some sashimi-grade fish as well. You can also try Galleria, as well as some of the smaller Korean grocery stores. The new fishmonger in J-Town does, and so does Taro's (the ex-J-Town fishmonger).

        I'm sure there are others as well. You can probably try asking at your local Loblaw's or Dominion, but I'm not sure how helpful they are since I rarely buy fish from them. We usually get ours at Taro's.

      2. re: graydyn

        Clearly they did spell it wrong on purpose, since they also misspelled Toronto and North...

      3. The original comment has been removed