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Dec 4, 2008 11:45 AM

Inexpensive version of Global knives


I am interested in buying some decent knives and I have my heart set on Global knives. However, my wallet isn't so smitten, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of some less expensive Global-esque type of knives. You know-- similar weight, design, material, whatever.


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  1. i haven't seen anything that looks like globals- but there are many less expensive japanese knives out there. the kai wasabi or kai komachi knives get good reviews are are made by the same company as shun. I have a komachi sandwich knife that looks much like the shun utility knife that i was smitten with for a while....

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      I have a set of Globals and a set of Komachis. I bought this set from Costco when they offered it. What I like about the Komachis is that they're light, so I don't tire as easy when I'd doing a lot of chopping, etc.

    2. If you really love the Global I would save up and buy a piece at a time. Especially if you have tried them out and they feel right. I have many different knives - and my 2 go to knives are the ones that feel good in my hand and stay sharp (Globals stay sharp for a long time and I use my knives a lot.)

      1. Not entirely sure what you mean, but if you're after their design aesthetic, the only other one that comes to mind (the Chroma Type 301's) are more expensive, not cheaper.

        But... if you're talking harder Japanese steel that'll take a steeper edge and stay sharper longer than German knives, there's a few good alternatives. Take a hard look at getting a Tojiro DP gyotou. A 24cm knife will run you half of what a Global will and will probably cut better (but won't be as pretty). Take a look through Korin's website - they really don't carry any bad stuff.

        1. I really don't know if they are that much less expensive, but I love my 8" MAC chefs knife!!

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            i just saw a set of global style knifes made by chicago cutlery last nite in a discount store in my area,rhode island.a set of three for 12.99,a 8' chefs,paring knife and something else.they had that one solid piece look,they looked pretty nice,although im sure the metal isnt quite the same as a real global,like i said they looked nice.i had to pry them out of my wifes hands,we dont need more knifes,especially when we have a REAL global anyways.check out OCEAN STATE JOBLOT........

          2. Global knives are awesome to own, that are strong and make excellent chef knives. The Steak Knife Sets are a great buy too. I dont really know any company that are cheaper and provide the same quality. You can get other chef knives for cheaper cost but not as good as global.
            If you can save to buy maybe that would be better