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Dec 4, 2008 10:55 AM

Cooking Class for Christmas Gift

Hi All-
I am looking to give a gift of a cooking class to my SO. He is a skilled home cook (def. not a beginner or uncomfortable in the kitchen). We live Western Mass and could travel an hour and 1/2 for class. I'm considering the Blue Heron cooking classes or a bread baking class at King Arthur. He doesn't usually bake but I have heard it's a great facility and he might enjoy learning the art of baguettes.

Any comments or other ideas?

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  1. Night Kitchen also has classes -- I've been interested in taking one there, myself. I took a couple of classes at Lamson & Goodnow (now Different Drummer's Kitchen) in Northampton. Also there are cheesemaking classes with Ricki the Cheese Queen in Ashfield.

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      I just got the Different Drummer's mailer and you may want to ask them which of those classes are hands-on -- I know the knife skills classes are, but might be worth checking re the others, or asking how dirty you can get :) as some are a little more like demos.

    2. Ditto on Lamson & Goodnow. Haven't taken a class there yet but I'd suggest a class with Betty Rosbottom. Betty writes a weekly syndicated column and contributes to Bon Appetit, as well as having authored several cookbooks. She's has been teaching cooking classes in the area for years now. She taught at Atkins and then at Chandler's with Matt Sunderland. We're really lucky to have her in the area sharing her incredible knowledge. Matt is fun and a wonderful chef. Either of these two teachers are great. You learn a lot, have fun and have a fabulous meal! A can't miss gift for you both.