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Dec 4, 2008 09:39 AM

looking for a good lunch around yonge dundas

looking to get some take out on my way to work but i dunno what to get anyone have any suggestions

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  1. If you're just looking for fast food takeout, the easiest spot would be the food court on the 3rd floor of the Toronto Life Building (northeast corner). There is a pretty good variety of places there. I recommend Milo's Pita for falafels and schawarma. I've heard good things second hand about the Thai and Italian places as well. There is also a Harvey's.

    Outside, there's a new Chipotle fast-food Mexican place on the ground floor of the same building, facing on to Yonge just north of Dundas.

    Finally, if you go into the Eaton Center at the very north end and take the escalators down to the lowest level, there is another food court with a NY Fries and an A & W and a number of other common mall eats.

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      If you are referring to California Thai, I say pass. I've tasted my boyfriend's a couple of times and I think it's probably worse than Spring Rolls. Save your moolah!

    2. Salad King does excellent take-out. To save time you can order ahead by phone as well.

      1. Either Red and White (shawarma) or Doner Kebab (on Yonge, closer to Gerrard) are very good in their own way.

        1. If I worked in that area, I would definitely hang out at Salad King! Love their Thai food! It's on the south side of Gould St, just east of Yonge St.
          Before discovering Salad King, I frequented the salad bar for a cheap and light meal at the Kitchen Table (below ground level of the mall on the NW corner). They have hot meals as well.
          I've heard good things about Chipotle, and apparently you can place your order online.

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            Salad King gets old after a while (trust me). The old Ginger (i think its called Green Leaf or something now) is a great place. It is actually closer to College then Yonge, however. I'm not sure if Eggspectation does take-out but that is worth checking out. Chipotle is crazy expensive but you do get a lot of food. In Toronto Life building I would recommend the Korean restaurant (Kyroko sp?) it isn't really like anything I have had in a regular food court (fast food wise).

            1. re: ONstilts

              I concur (about Salad King). Everyone always wants to go but I find that after a while, everything just tastes the same.

          2. you should define a little bit more on your "good" lunch.
            There's always the typical classical place for food such as Salad King (on gould street), Red Lobster (Atrium Bay), Pickel Barrel (Atrium Bay), Jack Astor(Toronto Life Square -TLS). As for the last two I am not 100% they do have take out but I am sure they do.
            Typical fast food places of course, can be found at Eaton's Centre.
            It also depends on your budget, how much would you like to spend and what sort of food would you like to get.
            Personally if I had time (not to mention working) I would make a stop further and get myself a Burrito @ Burrito Boyz (hell yea!).
            Since I am a student and go to Ryerson U. I think of my budget usually so I look for cheap food when I'm too lazy to cook. Normally I go west of dundas before University Street and there's this small chinese restaurant called E-ON. I believe its one block before university and its in front of Starbucks coffee. They have a lunch special from 11-3 or so which the manager is nice sometimes and allow me to get the lunch special even pass the time. Note, they open at 11. Anyways, their lunch special has about 13 options or so. Half of them cost $4.15 after tax, The other half its $1 more so guessing $5.15. Love the portion. It got lots of rice but I don't complain. I sometimes like to sit in and have my lunch plus some tea =).
            Anyways, to cover other areas of my knowledge
            Subs Subway (TLS underground and on the 3rd floor), Quiznos (Eaton Centre).
            Korean: There is Koryo on TLS 3rd floor, nothing much of korean-like IMO.
            Chinese: Anywhere you go.
            Japanese: Mariko located a little pass Gould street walkign towards College. They have a lunch special you can ask for take out. Consist of some ice cream, rice, salad, 3-peice sushi, some tofu cooked in their own way, and a choice of dish which consist of a choice of chicken teriyaki, tempura, beef, and some other ones i dont remember.
            Burrito: Chipotle located next to Adidas/TLS
            Waffle: A new place opened. Really small place right before gould st. They have an awesome smell if you walk pass by it. I tried it before and it was goood.
            Johnny Rocket is located outside of TLS next to Jack Astors? towards Victoria Street (east of dundas). I heard is pricey but if you want you can go. As for take out, i am not too sure if they offer though.

            I just realized I havent mentioned much south of Yonge St. I can only think of Popeye's next to Hard Rock and there's Burger King but I barely eat there.
            Anyways, there's lots of food and option. Just think of what you like eating and i'm sure you can grab something on the go. Specially if you got Metropass you can make a stop before heading to work ;)