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Dec 4, 2008 09:34 AM

Bar Jules pre-opera?

I'm going to the opera tonight, and the curtain is at 7:30. Was considering Bar Jules, but they open for dinner at 6:00. I've read some reports of slow-ish service here, which makes me a bit nervous. Should I go for it (plan to arrive a bit before 6:00), or grab a bit somewhere else?

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  1. Does Bar J. take reservations? If not, I would show up on the dot of 6. Every place else in the nabe is usually booked up for pre-show dinners when the opera/ballet/symphony is on, so you might not have any luck trying to get in elsewhere. Best bet is go as early as you can--5:30 or 6. Good luck!

    1. So ... where did you go and how was it?