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Dec 4, 2008 09:10 AM

Fairfield County/Where Are You Eating New Years Eve

Trying to decide myself. I'll probably go local. Maybe Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan. Not great but close and get good drinks!

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  1. we made resies at capitol grill - im hoping more exciting options open up, though. id love a set menu with wine included. any suggestions out there?

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      1. re: stevel

        Hi there Stevel,

        I thought you are going to Telluride? Based upon other post.

        1. re: CTburgerlover

          We've split some discussion of Burger, Shakes, Fries and where to get a charbroiled burger to its own thread, here:

    1. At home, as per usual. The menu will include caviar, blini and creme fraiche, and we'll spring for a good bottle of Champagne or 2. We usually add mussels and another kind of fish (sometimes linguine with clam sauce) to the menu. I get most of the goods at Fjord Fisheries.

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      1. re: wookiedoodle

        I'm with you wookiedoodle, we stay at home as well and have caviar, blini and an assortment of small plates that I make. Do you go to the Fjord in Westport? I just happily discovered it...great variety and quality. Do they sell caviar for the holidays? I usually get mine through Browne Trading Company on-line.

        1. re: sibeats

          Wow, I didn't know Fjord was in Westport! I go to their store in Greenwich. They do offer caviar in the store.

          1. re: wookiedoodle

            Yeah, Fjord is over towards fairfield, on the post road across from Home Goods (where Toys r Us) used to be, right next to Walpole Woodworkers. I went there when they first opened and was turned off by something (can't remember what, it's been so long). Then I recently went back and was really impressed with the variety of fish (skate, black bass, striped bass, black cod, hake, arctic char, in addition to all the usuals). The quality of everything I've gotten has been excellent and it's so easy in/out with the parking lot right in front. I'll have to check out the caviar.

            1. re: wookiedoodle

              I found them very pricey! Cheaper to go out. Have you tried Superior Seafood? They are in the Carvel plaza on the Post Road in Westport. We have been living on their stone crab lately- 20 claws for $20! Good salmon also- you can pick up produce/meats there. Where do you go for sushi?

              1. re: Phantom Foodie

                I've tried Superior Seafood, nothing special. No one has the variety that Fjord in Westport has. Everything I've bought there has been great. I'd rather pay a little more and get great quality, although I have to say I don't think the prices are any higher than anywhere else in Westport!

                1. re: sibeats

                  sibeats, have you tried Fjord's Marlin Dip? it is to die for! make sure you get the pickled jalapenos to top on as well.
                  i just picked some up on monday.

                  1. re: amanda3571

                    No I haven't tried it...what's in it? I bought fresh skate wing a couple of weeks ago which was so good, and you never find it anywhere else around here. I'm loving the variety of fish they have!

                    1. re: sibeats

                      Fjord is, imho, the best fishmonger in our area!
                      The marlin dip is smoked marlin, maybe mayo, sour cream, I'm not sure...they won't give out the recipe. I asked... And in the refrigerated case, they have pickled jalapenos which you put on top. It is SO good. They recommend putting the dip on Ritz crackers, but I've been eating it on wheat thins the last couple days.

                      1. re: amanda3571

                        HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL BE SAFE! GREAT EATING!

                2. re: Phantom Foodie

                  Oh gosh, I really don't think it's cheaper to go out on New Year's than to cook with food from Fjord. No. I really disagree with you on that one.

          2. Schoolhouse has a NYE fixed price dinner, 42 would have been my first choice but it's a special event that goes from 7 to whenever and it bit rich for my blood - $350 pp w tax and tip.

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              1. At home, because we hate to drive, the restaurants jack up the prices and the menus are usually limited and more expensive. I would however, suggest these venues in my hometown of Westport- The Mansion- the linguini with seafood is fabulous. If you want a burger- try the Black Duck- it's a barge on the Saugatuck River- come as you are- it's a dive , but the food is consistent and it's a hoot. If you ca get in - Finalmente Trattoria is extraordinary- it's small , so reserves are a must. Happy New Year!