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Best Restaurant for Steak in Toronto

As title states, I'm looking for a restaurant in Toronto that has EXCELLENT steak. Now I am aware of the KEG, Canon Creek, Ruby's, but was wondering if there were other places that would have @ par or better steaks than the ones listed above??


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  1. Unless you like to get ripped off, avoid Harbour 60.

    1. Barberian's is a safe choice. Been around forever (as have many of the staff) so they know how to do it right.

      1. I'm not sure if you are looking for a pricey steakhouse or just another chain with average prices and food. All the places you mentioned are very average and IMHO not worth visiting unless your stuck in the burbs. I can't say I know the BEST of the BEST in town because I have not tried them all but I can tell you which steakhouses I have had a good experiences at.
        Jacobs and Co - probably my fave, Great food
        Ruth's Chris- very reliable, always a good piece of meat
        Morton's - Pricey but excellent
        The Drake Hotel- They serve up a good steak
        Barbarians - Cool atmosphere, some may disagree with me but I have never had a bad experience here

        I agree with Tex that Harbour 60 is not worth the $ as it is hit or miss, I had one good experience there and one bad and after paying that much for an average meal I won't return.

        1. I would avoid Ruth's Chris like the plague... That place just rubs me the wrong way, and I never leave there feeling like I got my moneys worth

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            I’ve only been to Ruth’s Chris once, like 6 years ago, but I remember it being a fantastic experience.

            Also, only been to Harbour 60 once, 2 years ago, and although it has been bashed like crazy my experience there was fantastic. Again, only been the one time.

            Never been to Barbarians or the the others mentioned on this thread but would love to go.

          2. My vote would also go to Jacobs and Co.

            1. based on the quick replies from everyone (thanks btw), Jacobs & Co. seem like the spot. But I am curious, where is Barbarians as I can't find any info on them??

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                7 Elm Street, Toronto ON M5G1H1

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                  Barberian's has been discussed on several Chowhound threads, but the name has been misspelled on most comments here, so it would be difficult to find.

                  7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

                2. Jacobs and Co. hands down. But just for comparison's sake, Barberians is here http://barberians.com

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                    There's a steak house on Parliament St. called Stonegrill on Winchester where a friend of mine used to work at. I haven't eaten there before but she says that the meat used is very high quality. Take it for what its worth! http://www.stonegrillonwinchester.com/

                  2. It's Barberians, not Barbarians...and Jacob and Co. for sure. Superb meat, caeser salad made table side, french fries cooked in goose fat....or is it duck?

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                    1. House of Chan. Yes, believe it!

                      1. I'm not an avid steakhouse fanatic, but these are my favourites (in no particular order):
                        - Jacobs & Co.
                        - Harbour 60
                        - Barberian's
                        - Morton's

                        I'd prefer to cook an excellent steak at home than go out for it, but I don't think I've ever had a bad steak or problems with it not being done to my specifications at any of these places. They are fairly expensive (ie: much more than the Keg), but they all have high quality steaks and do them right. You will be shelling out quite a bit of money, so don't expect Keg-like prices. I've been to House of Chan's once and enjoyed the steak, but I can't really judge them by just one visit.

                        Yes, the wine markups at Harbour 60 are insane, but they also have nothing to do with the steaks (which are pretty good). I've never had to pay for my meal there, so I didn't have any problems. Ruth's Chris isn't that great. It's more like an upscale Keg than anything else, and the steaks are far from the best to be had in the city.

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                          I have to disagree on your dismissal of Ruth's Chris as an "upscale Keg".

                          The last two times I have been to The Keg they were horrible, and very overpriced for what you get. So bad in fact, I actually rate them BELOW Canyon Creek and Outback which serve better food for a lower price. I would sooner go to one of those two chains before even considering setting foot in another Keg location.

                          On principle I will never visit Harbour 60 until they fix those ridiculous markups. They don't deserve my business.

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                            Of course the Keg is awful. The funny thing is that I've had better service at the Keg than I have at Ruth's Chris in general.

                            How is Ruth's Chris any better? Sure, their steaks are slightly better (they may be prime, but they're still chain, mass-market, wet-aged), but considering the price point, how could you not consider it to be as overpriced as the Keg?

                            The OP asked for the best steak in Toronto, so he's obviously not talking about the Keg. If you love Ruth's Chris, that's fine, perhaps you should suggest it to the OP, but I don't feel that it fits his bill.

                            I also don't think he asked for quibbling about whether or not you care for a restaurant's business practices. What do wine markups have to do with the quality of their steak? Just don't order wine.

                        2. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I never even knew how close Barberians was to my school too... haha. And whats up with Harbour 60?? Is it like a hit and miss thing?? Minus the price of course??

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                            I'm a Harbour 60 fan. While I respect that others seem to have had different experiences I've consistently found the steaks excellent, sides well executed (I like the snap peas and onion rings), and the service good to excellent (coconut cream pie is also noteworthy). I also like the feel of the room (big and gentlemanly-luxe). Yes, wine prices are high, but you either suck that up or drink cocktails. I don't think it's really reasonable to condemn a restaurant "on principle" when you've never even dined there. If you're OK with opening your wallet (yes, prices are fat), H60 is a solid option. If you want to go check out the room, pop into the bar for a cocktail and load up on the free bar snacks. Watch the platters of meat fly around and then decide if you want to give it a try.

                            That said, I'm going to try Jacob's next time around.

                            Oh, and I also like Barberian's. Cool old-school room and I like the donut things. I think it's more reasonable than H60 and in a totally different league than the Keg.

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                              I don't consider H60 to be hit or miss either. Every time I've been there the steaks have been great.

                          2. I've been to The Keg, Barberians, Ruths Chris, Hy's..

                            However the best steak I've had in Toronto was at Black Angus restaurant on Bloor just east of Islington, south side. It's easy to miss, a bit tucked away. I'd check the hours though, once we were surprised it was closed and had to find something else to eat.

                            I remember it being around $40 for a big rib steak, and sides are extra. They serve your steak on a wooden plank, and are well known for quality steaks.

                            Oh, should mention I tried to eat at Harbour 60 once, but they wouldn't let me in because I had running shoes on........ Now all my shoes are too good for their floor unfortunately.

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                                I find WildFire mediocre. I think for what you get and what you pay, I think I would have Canon Creek instead. Plus their prices of gravy or sides is pretty ridiculous I think.

                              2. re: SocksManly

                                I hate places like that... I'm a running shoes & ballcap kind of person too

                              3. The best steak I've had in TO is at Splendido. Their 18oz dry aged 60 day ribeye is off the scale.

                                I have not yet been to Jacob st. sadly, because every time I want steak, Splendido calls me. I am intending on going sometime soon, though! (I am just skeptical they'll be able to deliver a better product)

                                1. Has anyone tried Bardi's Steakhouse recently? I don't profess to know a lot about steaks, but I had a really delicious steak there about four years ago. I'm curious if the place has changed at all. Back then the atmosphere was quite stuffy but the steak was memorable.

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                                    Don't believe one of my favourites has been mentioned. It's been around about 50 years and is beyond retro. Go to Carman's on Alexander Street. It's made for chilly winter nights and the beef and whole "experience" is good value quality (100-150 for two). I dig this place , it's unpretentious and and you won't feel cheated, tons of character and just plain GOOD. Here is a link to ( actually surprised they have one) their website...

                                  2. Another vote for Barberian's here. I go about four times a year. It isn't as slick as Harbour 60 or Mortons but it is much better value. It comes from the same era as Bardi's, Carman's, Tom Jones, etc. when steak houses were dark and hewed to a different formula. I won't go to Harbour 60 and spend my own money. I have not tried Jacobs. Wildfire is very disappointing.

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                                      I have to agree with philehohfish. Carmens, agreat experience and great food.
                                      A Toronto landmark

                                    2. Has anyone tried La Castile in Mississauga? A friend of mine from Mississauga told me thats where she had the best steak... any thoughts, comments? http://www.lacastile.com/

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                                        La Castile is a classic. Like being on the set of Soprano's. The food has always been good and if you want to make an entire evening out of it, there is a dance floor where you can work the amazing garlic bread off. Have always had a wonderful time there. Highly recommended.

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                                          It's pretty good, but not great..

                                        2. I'm sure people will have an opinion on this but...
                                          STEAK cooked me up one of the most beautiful steaks I've ever eaten in the city.

                                          I like the grades, the cuts, the aging process and I like how it's a Michelin rated chef.

                                          Jacobs & Co is a good alternative. I'm so over Barbarians, there are much better steaks in the city.

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                                            I'd probably avoid STEAK if you're looking for the best steak in the city, unless they've changed recently: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/471235