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Dec 4, 2008 08:41 AM

Restaurant rec's for sunday/monday in arlington?

Hi all. I am traveling with 2 new coworkers (tastebuds untested) and staying in Arlington. I know that Sunday and Monday evening options can be limited in some places - I'm looking for places close to the Hilton Gardens. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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  1. That;s close to Wilson Boulevard where they have a decent irish Pub, Ireland's Fourt Courts, right where Courthouse Road ends. The best choice is to turn right at Wilson, presuming you are walking, and there is Rhodeside Grill a few blocks down and of course Ray's The Steaks a block or so further down on the other side of Wilson. Look them up in other posts.

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      rhodeside is passable, but the four courts (and all of the irish pubs in arlington) has taken a turn for the worst. the food is just not good as of late. its too bad, because it used to be delicious.

      there are tons of threads for this neighborhood. i'd suggest pho 75 or minh's for vietnamese, ray's hell burgers for truly amazing burgers, guajillo for the best tacos in the area, and whitlows for plain american fare.