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Needed: Chicken Soup downtown (or Brookline)

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  • JoeM Dec 4, 2008 08:28 AM
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I'm sick. Where do I find some good homemade style chicken soup downtown for lunch? Also, I live in Brookline, and rec's there (I was thinking Zaftig's)

*sniffle* thanks

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  1. Chicken noodle from the New England Soup factory in Brookline Village is wonderfully restorative, particularly while eaten in bed while watching Top Chef reruns. Feel better.

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    1. re: bostonbelle

      The broth in the New England Soup Factory Matzoh Ball Soup is absolutely unbelievable. Likely same as chicken noodle?

    2. Yes- it is the same broth. You can actually get the soup w/ both noodles & matzo balls..... the best.

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      1. re: anais_in_waiting

        I agree - really all their soups are yummy. You can get the chicken with or without matzo ball