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Dec 4, 2008 08:27 AM

lunch around grand central under twenty dollars

Looking for a good sit-down place that will have us walking out not having spent more than 20 dollars a head with a few blocks of grand central.

any ideas?

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  1. Burger at Michael Jordan. Also Naples 45 and Szechuan Gourment or Wu Liang Ye

    1. cineman cafe or rare could work.

      1. DO NOT go to Cinema...Food is awful...BIG waste of $$..Espically that one.

        9 E 45th St

        Maggie's Place
        21 E 47th St

        Juniors or Zocalo in the food court in Grand Central are options as well.
        Naples 45
        Met Life Building
        200 Park Avenue

        1. You could get sandwiches at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. How fancy do you need your sit-down to be? There are a couple of steam-table places with seating upstairs on 40th across from Bryant Park. There's also a Pain Quotidien there now too, though you'd have to order carefully.

          1. You might also want to check the midtown lunch blog.