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Dec 4, 2008 08:05 AM

MGM Foxwoods

What restaurant does anybody suggest at MGM foxwoods. My husband is going with his friends for his 50th. He is a Chef and appreciates great food - not fancy

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  1. Not exactly at MGM. but in the grand pequot tower at Foxwoods, I've really enjoyed David burke's Prime. Excellent steak and fish entrees. Great selection of wines - you've got to see the wine tower - impressive! Great food, not at all snooty. The restaurants at MGM are much pricier, IMHO. If he's just got to go to MGM, try craftsteak. And then a couple of hours later, go to Junior's for dessert!

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      I gotta disagree on Juniors--I was disappointed by the prices and service at Juniors. The cheesecake? Nothing special.

    2. My husband and I had a very nice meal at Cedar's restaurant in Foxwoods in September. We sat in the bar area, which is lovely and could order off both the bar menu and the dinner menu, so we got entrees from each. The pork chop with caramelized onions and apples was especially good. Prices were quite reasonable.

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        It is so hit or miss at the casino' Vegas they seem top MGM is still new...but with the downturn in business I would expect alot of the restaurants to be cutting back...

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          let's try that one again...
          It is so hit or miss at the casino' Vegas they seem to be "on " because the clientel is more many people fry across country to go to our casino's?

          Business is down ...expect more downsizing in January

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            I don't have much experience with Foxwoods or Mohegan (and none with MGM), but the small amount I do have tells me they got two things right: people who think they are high rollers love to spend a lot of money on a steak (and cannot separate price from quality); and most people, who couldn't dream of being high rollers, love food courts.
            Vegas is a place I have quite a bit more dining experience in, and I wouldn't be so kind to them as you have been. I have had a couple meals there that were downright fantastic. I've also had some that were, like most things in Vegas, pure artifice. It's definitely a city where truly great food can be found, but it's also a city looking to make money off of tourists who are taken in by the artifice, willing to spend far more money than they normally would, and not knowledgeable enough to discern quality.
            Add to that experiences with casino restaurants in Monte Carlo, Montreal, London, and a number of other places I'll skip listing so I don't seem like a compulsive gambler, and really I'd just say that, in my experience, casinos are not the culinary Meccas their marketing teams would like us all to believe they are.

        2. My friends and I checked out Craftsteak @ the Foxwoods MGM Grand for dinner a few months ago and really enjoyed it. YES, it's pretty expensive, but OH so worth it, especially for a special occasion. If there's a group of you going? There's a beautiful private room for dining that you could try to get. One of the celebrities was having dinner there at the same time as us.

          We also checked out Brooklyn, NY's Junior's Deli in the lobby of the Foxwoods MGM Grand as well, the next day before we drove home and we thought it was just wonderful! We LOVED their cheesecake & thought it was too die for good! Hey, when all we have around New England is the "Cheesecake Factory" & Alden Merrill? Junior's is a big hit for a lot of us, trust me, it better stay there and not disappear on us, it's a gem!

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            Junior's Cheesecake is fantastic. My mother somehow got ahold of their original recipe cheesecake years ago; been making it ever since.