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Dec 4, 2008 05:54 AM

Nobu or Sushi Yasuda

Ok yall I got my intinerary down to a T but I have one more night open for a special, unique, and solo japanese experience. Having a hard time deciding between Nobu or Sushi Yasuda. I've never been to Nobu before but have heard nothing but good things from it and have never done a Omakase before and to be honest don't know what it really is but I've heard Nobu's is one of the best but I've read sushi Yasuda can be quite the experience as well. Is Nobu still worthy? What exactly does there Omakase consists of and since lunch is cheaper I'm thinking about doing the best of the best there or should I go to Sushi Yasuda? Any tips, thoughts, experiences?

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  1. just my own experience having been to both...I would keep returning to NOBU over and over. Go to the one downtown, sit at the sushi bar and let them take care of is GREAT.

    1. sushi yasuda gets my nod. be sure to reserve a spot at yasuda's station. he's a charming guy who just happens to serve the best sushi in manhattan.

      1. I actually like Nobu. That being said, it ain't for sushi, period. Haven't been in awhile so maybe it has slipped and I always order the same dishes. And it was never known for sushi.
        Yasuda is more unique because there are many Nobu locations though the others might not be quite as good.
        So, if you want cooked food, Nobu, sushi, Yasuda. I am not saying Nobu is the best for cooked Japanese in NYC but hopefully, still putting out some good grub.
        I would say Yasuda is better but if you don't dig sushi, there is no point.
        And it won't just be California rolls, so you should enjoy or want to try a few more authentic sushi pieces in order to choose it.

        1. If your going for food itself Yasuda (as per Steve make sure you sit at his station, at the bar closest to the front). Nobu for the atmosphere.

          1. If you want sushi, go to Yasuda. If you want cooked Japanese fusion food, go to Nobu.

            If you go the Yasuda route, make a reservation for the sushi bar infront of Yasuda. Then get the omakase which will have him select the nigiri to serve you. You can tell him any dislikes or allergies, set price limits, number of pieces of nigiri, etc. The sushi is impeccable.