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Nobu or Sushi Yasuda

Ok yall I got my intinerary down to a T but I have one more night open for a special, unique, and solo japanese experience. Having a hard time deciding between Nobu or Sushi Yasuda. I've never been to Nobu before but have heard nothing but good things from it and have never done a Omakase before and to be honest don't know what it really is but I've heard Nobu's is one of the best but I've read sushi Yasuda can be quite the experience as well. Is Nobu still worthy? What exactly does there Omakase consists of and since lunch is cheaper I'm thinking about doing the best of the best there or should I go to Sushi Yasuda? Any tips, thoughts, experiences?

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  1. just my own experience having been to both...I would keep returning to NOBU over and over. Go to the one downtown, sit at the sushi bar and let them take care of you....it is GREAT.

    1. sushi yasuda gets my nod. be sure to reserve a spot at yasuda's station. he's a charming guy who just happens to serve the best sushi in manhattan.

      1. I actually like Nobu. That being said, it ain't for sushi, period. Haven't been in awhile so maybe it has slipped and I always order the same dishes. And it was never known for sushi.
        Yasuda is more unique because there are many Nobu locations though the others might not be quite as good.
        So, if you want cooked food, Nobu, sushi, Yasuda. I am not saying Nobu is the best for cooked Japanese in NYC but hopefully, still putting out some good grub.
        I would say Yasuda is better but if you don't dig sushi, there is no point.
        And it won't just be California rolls, so you should enjoy or want to try a few more authentic sushi pieces in order to choose it.

        1. If your going for food itself Yasuda (as per Steve make sure you sit at his station, at the bar closest to the front). Nobu for the atmosphere.

          1. If you want sushi, go to Yasuda. If you want cooked Japanese fusion food, go to Nobu.

            If you go the Yasuda route, make a reservation for the sushi bar infront of Yasuda. Then get the omakase which will have him select the nigiri to serve you. You can tell him any dislikes or allergies, set price limits, number of pieces of nigiri, etc. The sushi is impeccable.

            1. From your post, my vote goes to Nobu. Sushi Yasuda is great for the purist; during our infrequent trips to NYC we come away from Yasuda walking on clouds. However, if you're not already someone who really, really just wants great fish and rice, Nobu will give you more bang.

              1. sushi yasuda is unique. nobu has 10 places world-wide, maybe more. why visit new york and not take advantage of what separates manhattan from vegas, other places?

                put yourself in yasuda's hands. you guys will hit it off.

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                  true -- but the nobus worldwide actually vary quite a lot. it's like comparing mcdonalds in hawaii (which actually sounds pretty good) to mcdonalds in my nabe (pretty darn awful). the nobu in london is very much worse than the one in nyc.

                2. I will give another nod to Yasuda. Best sushi I've ever had, bar none.

                  1. I completely agree that if you want cooked food go to Nobu, the mid priced omakase is my favorite. If you want sushi, go to Yasuda.

                    1. cgervais, you are one lucky 21 year old "kid", getting to dine at all these great places! =)

                      if you really love nigiri, go to yasuda. you don't necessarily need to sit in front of him, but it might be interesting to, if you don't know much about sushi, since i think he has a compulsion to talk about it, esp. with newbies. i do like the guy quite a lot, but he can get pedantic.... almost like eating with your dad. (or my dad, in any case.)

                      i don't honestly love the cooked food at nobu, but i know plenty of people do. it is not bad, but not revelatory, either. nobu is prob best known for its miso glazed fish (which, these days, i think is commonly served in so many places in equally good if not better preparations).

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                        at Nobu i like the king crab tempura, also the "new style sashimi". and they still make the best hamachi jalapeno i think they invented it. I'd go to Nobu 57 instead of the tribeca Nobus thats where Sheen San is now. But in general, Sushi Yasuda the varied types of eel i'd recommend,,,but I do not like the attitude there, and I have had inferior sashimi there when at a table. I do not recommend Yasuda. If you like sashimi and sushi authentic style not "new style" go to 15 east, Masato is a real sushi chef who trained for 7 years under a wonderful teacher who's sushi restaurant in Komodor Tokyo is fantastic. Or Kanoyama who may have the largest assortment of fish from Japan. and makes special prepartions and great kitchen dises as well. It's the only place i have ever had blue fin ribs and blue fin eye. The watta i had the other nite was amazing and the fresh snow crab was fantastic too. Jewel bako is another choice if Degustation is booked, they share the same space. and the service is beyond excellent, great great wait staff. If you want something different more modern crazy sushi go to Sushi Gari. I do like the foie gras sushi ,,,okok shoot me ,,,i hate that i like it . Sometimes im not a purest

                      2. To rephrase what others have said, it's apples and oranges. For phenomenal nigiri go to Yasuda, for creative Japanese fusion preparations, go to Nobu. But if you want omakase the way it's commonly used in the US, i.e. a chef-selected assortment of sushi, then it's a no-brainer for Yasuda.
                        I would also suggest Azabu, Kanoyama, or Shimizu for that kind of traditional-style nigiri omakase experience. For more creative sushi, then Gari and Nobu could serve you well.

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                          Thanks! Yasuda it is. The closest thing I've had to sushi in Krogers Supermarket..LOL. ATL doesn't have to many good sushi joints so it will be nice to taste what sushi is suppose to taste like!!! Thanks yall! Can't wait to share my experiences with everyone! Got some killer restaurants lined up and I just scored a Friday lunch at Per Se that I am most excited about!!!

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                            Wow....I would love to go to Per Se. I actually have friends coming in at the end of Dec. that wanted a great sushi place and I am taking them to the Tribeca Nobu. Just the overall ambiance is nice and yes, that miso glazed cod....yum.