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Dec 4, 2008 05:16 AM

SF - Microwave Basmati Rice is Gone !!!

My family recently got hooked on VeeTee Dine-In-Tray Basmati Rice from Costco in San Francisco, only to find they don't have it anymore. At least not the last 2 times we went. Does anyone know where else to get it ? I found the company online ( but am coming up short on local or any US source.

Perfect fluffy, yet moist, basmati rice in 2 minutes. Fantastic stuff.

Help would be appreciated........

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  1. Alas, doomed to use Trader Joe's brown, wild or jasmine microwave rice.

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    1. re: wolfe

      Have you had both? Does the TJ Jasmine compare well??

    2. as of last Monday, the Berkeley branch of Grocery Outlet had lots of it on the shelves above the freezer section. I bought a bunch.

      - Veetee 'Pulao' Aromatic rice cooked w/green peas, 99 cents for a 250 gram box with rice in plastic pouch. best before Jan., 2009. with cloves and green cardamom. from India. tastes great and no preservatives;

      - Veetee Dal Tadka, yellow and red lentils in spicy sauces, 99 cents for 300 gram box with plastic pouch inside. with coriander and curry leaves, cumin, red whole chilli, best before Aug, 2009 and

      - Veetee Kadhi Pakora, vegetable pakora in yoghurt gravy, 99 cents for a 300 gram box with pouch,

      I bought about 10 of these boxes and they taste pretty good considering. I heat them up without the pouch.

      Grocery Outlet Inc Offices
      2000 5th St, Berkeley, CA

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        just checked NoeMan's link to the Veetee website and the dine-in basmati referred to is different than the rice at Grocery Outlet which is parboiled and not in a tray. Also the 'best before' date on the boxes I got vary from Jan. 2009 through Aug. 2009. sorry I didn't notice the differences on my first reply.

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            Too late. Just bought one to try in a taste off but was suspicious, what with the peas, carrots and cardamom. Oh well, another 99 cents shot.

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            1. I was in actually the same sot today BUT they have a great website and deliver to the US for very fair prices and quick delivery. Try next click on pic of (ie) basmati rice. The page that comes up will (lower right) list the stores...yeah I know, Costco no longer sells it in Indiana either. Also look left (by the FB Twitter icons) and you will see "online-shop" ... Very easy to use ... Converts to dollars when you use the drop down. Hope this helps.