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Dec 4, 2008 05:00 AM

New Indian restaurant in Vernon CT -- UTSAV

Has anyone visited Utsav yet, in Vernon CT? Apparently they just opened in early November. Their online menu indicates a more interesting representation of dishes from both north and south India -- from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, etc..... -- including meat dishes.

I will try to make it there in the next couple of weeks and will report back, too.

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  1. I look forward to your report, I am going to try and hit it up in the near future as well. I wasn't aware it existed!

    1. We have eaten several meals there and love it. From our experiences, Utsav features an impressive array of dishes prepared in a surprisingly sophisticated manner. The restaurant has an appreciative, helpful staff, as well. Quite the gem in Vernon!

      1. Nuthatches,

        Have you been to Utsav yet? We continue to enjoy it and hope they can build a critical mass of customers in the face of this tough economy.

        1. They are owned by the same folks in NYC between 46/47th st on the west side. Excellent lunch buffet! Fine quality and a great place for a group to eat. I assume that the one in Vernon is as lovely. Happy Vernon!

          1. Utsav is a really exciting addition to the dining options of this area! It's the kind of restaurant where you instantly know there is a real and serious cook (and management) behind your food: we have not had any indian food in the area that comes close. We ordered dishes we were familiar with: dal and malai kofta, with a samosa appetizer and breads. So delicious! I was most struck by the samosa, which is so often just an excuse to deep fry. These were really subtle and delicate, but hearty at the same time. The decor was lively and pleasant, and the staff very attentive. We recommend that any indian food fans in the area seek this place out: it's worth a drive!