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Dec 4, 2008 04:00 AM

South Beach Sportsbar

Have not been to south beach in a long time.Leaving Pittsburgh for an overnight in the sun. Any place better than the Clevlander to watch football outside and decent food? Has to be a place that shows multiple game need to see the Jets vs SF game at 4pm it not the Marquee game...

Thanks in Advance


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  1. I don't really know of anywhere and the Clevlander is still closed for renovations so thats not an option either unfortunately.

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    1. re: Sobe4u

      Booo but thanks for the info.. its not on s beach but have u ever been to Tobbaco Row?

      1. re: don515

        I got u covered dude, though all these locations dont all have outside seating.

        Quarterdeck - Alton Road - no outdoor seating but tons of LCDs with all the games plus great prices on beer ($1 for 12oz) and decent bar grub.

        Finnegan's - Lincoln Road - outdoor seating but I think there is only 1 tv so it might be hard to petition for the Jets/SF game. Food sucks here and service is probably the worst on Miami Beach. I refuse to go here anymore, its that bad. But, if you really wanna watch outside...

        Lucky Strike Lanes - Michigan Ave (between Lincoln and 17th) - great place to watch a game. Multiple large flat screens and smaller flat screens, good seating, and good food. Only caveat is no outside seating and its a tad pricey. The burger is pretty damn good though. This is where I watch if/when Im on the Beach.

        Ive also heard BBQ Beach has tvs set up for the games but I havent been so I cant say whether its good or not. Reports on the food have been positive, thats all I know.

        Thats it for the beach though. Sports in Miami take a backseat to so many things here. Its sad.

        1. re: Blind Mind

          BBQ beach is not a bad place to watch games but Lucky Strike is the best. Food is best at BBQ beach though..

    2. You can find "out of town" sports bars that show NY Jets games here

      and here:

      Call before going to any of these places - AFAIK there is no system in place to make sure they haven't closed, changed hands, etc.

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        Another great place is Finnegans on Ocean Drive (at 14th St). They offer tons of TVs, decent bar food, decent drink prices, and almost exclusively outdoor seating. For being on Ocean Drive, it attracts a good amount of locals to mix in with the tourists, so the prices are kept reasonable. Way better than Finnegans on Lincoln Road, in my opinion.

        1. re: eviemu03

          Thanks to all. Being a chowhound had to check em all out.If i was a local it would have been the quarterdeck reminded me of the NJ shore. The lanes looked interesting too. Finnegans on Ocean was the place to watch a game unfortunately the Jets did not play one. lasted 5 min into the second quarter and left in search of a great martini-found one rest gets Sketchy...

          If New England beats Buffalo will be rooting for Chad