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Dec 4, 2008 03:36 AM

Jacksonville, NC /Camp Lejeune area

I would like to give someone Restaurant gift cards. What are some decent restaurants in this area- either locally owned or good chains? Thank you for your help

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  1. I live 30 minutes from J-Ville and as much as I would like to help you I just can't in good faith reccomend anywhere in J-Vlle except for one place and that would be Ducks Bar and Grille on Gum Branch RD.There are plenty of chains though to pick your poison.

    1. While jellybear is correct in there not being much to rave about in Jacksonville, NC...I have to say that two of my favorite places are there.

      One is a bit's a hibachi Japanese restaurant...but while I don't venture into the hibachi grill area I do frequent the sushi bar. The name is Shogun. Roland and Steven have always looked after us and we enjoy going there...ALOT. The sashimi platters can't be beat...and you can get them with what fish you want (just ask). As with most sushi places...the experience will vary depending upon the fish quality. All fish look similar on the outside, but can vary greatly on the inside. Most of the time the fish is really good. Our favorites are the salmon and the hamachi, but that's just our taste. Shogun also has excellent gyoza...a must have.

      The other noteworthy restaurant in Jacksonville is The Old Siam. It's a Tia restaurant and it is ABSOLUTELY the BEST I've eaten in my entire life. I've been to Tia places all around and The Old Siam is unbeaten...authentic and delicious. Our regular orders include the Tom Ka Guy, spicy basil rice, duck basil, panang curry, and one that isn't on the menu...Duck peppa cha (sorry, not sure on the spelling, but that's what the pronunciation sounds like). Chef Eddie is awesome and sees that everything is done the proper way. Tai food simply does not get any better.

      For a Christmas gift...I'd choose The Old Siam. It really is awesome.


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        Iv'e seen this place before but I can't remember where it is?

        1. re: jellybear

          Sorry, I tried to reply earlier today but for some reason I can't reply to anything on this site on the Blackberry. I can start new posts I think, but I can't reply...strange.

          Anyway, the Old Siam is on 17 just south of the Western Blvd. intersection...maybe a mile south. It's just past Gum Branch on 17.

          It's REALLY worth a try.


        2. re: JayL

          Thank you so much -- i've looked up The Old Siam and it sounds wonderful - i could do a gift card from there and then one from one of the typical chains - Outback or some such!
          Ducks Bar and Grill has had mixed reviews online, but, i'm assuming it would be better than Outback - so i may call them for another gift card -- I appreciate y'alls help

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            I have been to Shogun and it is good,Next time I am in J-Ville I will give Old Siam a try.Thanks

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              Old Siam is good, as great ENC BBQ, ribs, fried chix, country cooking, at Thig's, 1722 Catherine Lake Road, between Jax and Sneads Ferry. Also a new seafood place on Western Extension, Tony's. Great decor, huge oyster bar.

              1. re: Cake Ladies

                I suppose Thig's BBQ is ok...if you don't like your Q cooked with wood. Ever driven around that place? Ever seen a woodpile?

                Ironically, the best bbq in the Jacksonville/Richlands area can be found just 1.5 miles further down the road from Thigs. It's called Oak Wood BBQ and it's located on Westside Drive just past Catherine Lake. Turn right on a dirt road (Westside Dr.) and it will be located behind a residential house in a little outbuilding. Oak Wood is a good representation of "real" Eastern NC bbq.

          2. Ugh, at the risk of being one of those people who have nothing positive to add, I'm sorry that you're on Chowhound and living in Jacksonville. Hopefully, your PRD is soon... I spent 2 years there, and all I can add is to get used to heading down to Wilmington or even better, Raleigh/Durham.

            Wish I had something more positive, but I don't. Just get out of there as often as you can.

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              PRD? Keep in mind that not everyone in Jax is affliated with the military and that the military presence has the greatest impact on the city's quality and the kinds of restaurants there.

              1. re: Cake Ladies

                I think that the offerings in Jacksonville are rather typical of a town of 70K people that is not on an interstate highway. The size & remoteness of the town has more impact on the quality and variety of food available than the military presence, IMO. And at least in Jacksonville mean I can go into the commissary and buy the exotic ingredients that the local grocery doesn't have.

                Military people like good food as much as any other group. Unfortunately, as my retired Navy spouse has often commented, "all Navy food is required to be passed though a blander prior to serving."

            2. I am in a hotel in Jacsonville for the week and appreciate the rec for the thai spot....I passed a Japanese place called A Taste of Okinawa....looked small & interesting....anyone been?

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                Ok so the actyal name of the restaurant is Aji Ichiban and I did go and it was delicious. I tried the bent box for lunch which had beef terriyaki, veggie tempura, fish croquettes, rice, soup, & a salad...and I think something else which I have forgotten. It was delicious and enormous. They have a lot of noodle & rice dishes, soups, some curries, and even a few Korean dishes. They also have sushi which I did not try. Very small spot, very friendly, seems to do a lot of take-out.