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Dec 3, 2008 11:27 PM

Tea Houses in Vancouver


I watched a TV show on the history, varieties, and preparation of tea. It was really interesting and I want to get into this I think. Is there a good place in Vancouver where I can go learn about and sample teas? Doing a quick google search of 'tea vancouver' and 'tea houses vancouver' I see there are a lot of options. Can anyone help me narrow down the list and maybe give some brief descriptions of some of the places?

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  1. I'm not a tea person, but I thought that Avenue 18 in Richmond is a very cool tea shop. I found it when I was in the market for a vacpot (coffee maker):

    1. Teaz on granville at burrard is awesome. REally knowledgable staff and they sell small samples for $2. ShakTea on Main sell some quality teas and they have a few pots brewing that you can sample. On the downside, I don't rate Murchies, despite its heritage.

      A warning though if you're just getting into tea - it can be easy to buy a small sample or drink 1 cup in the shop and think 'that's no good'. Tea can be a very sensitive drink and the interplay of water temperature, amount of tea used and time brewed can yield very different results. Thus, it might be better to buy a bigger bag and play with different combinations. If you still don't like it you can at least say with confidence that X type of tea isn't for you.

      Enjoy getting into the drink of the gods! And if you'd like to meet up with a fellow keen tea drinker, give me a holla.

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        <<Teaz on granville at burrard is awesome>>
        You mean on Granville @ Broadway north of the intersection on the east side of the street.

        There's also T - Tea Room 1568 West Broadway great selection service can be so/so website is down.

        Steeps 895 West Broadway not recommended for a number of reasons.

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          I heard it can be tricky, so I'm hoping for less of a shop and more of a sit down place where I can drink cups and cups of different teas and learn about it from some helpful staff. A tea tour guide would be great.

          1. re: Mawson Plan

            Hey Mawson. How's the tea hunting going? If you dont find a shop that gives you the level of 'education' you're looking for then I would be more than happy to sit and drink multiple teas with you. I can't profess to being any kind of specialist but i've been drinking the stuff for 20 years (and i'm only 30 :) so I've got a fair idea.

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              Sounds good. email me at and we will have some tea. I've not yet tried any of these places.

        2. You may want to check out Bayswater Tea Co. - 2966 W. Broadway. They have a great selection

          1. Out of curiosity .. whats the story on steeps?

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              Steeps-my experience is inconsistency/lousy service.