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Dec 3, 2008 07:20 PM

Best Ethnic Restaurants in Miami

I like (a) ethnic food. I also like (b) great service and (c) a comfortable atmosphere. It is difficult to find places that have a, b, and c. Two I can strongly recommend are:

1. Sheba in Miami (Ethiopian)
2. Indomania in South Beach (Indonesian)

In both cases the owners are present, service is outstanding, and the food is national caliber.

Please share your experiences in Miami and South Florida.

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  1. Not intended in any way to preempt further discussion, but here's a pretty lengthy list of "best" threads, both Miami and throughout the state, with lots of "ethnic" options ->

    Unofficial Compilation of "Best" / "Top" Lists

    The list hasn't been updated for some time (and some of those threads have not been updated for some time).

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      While there are many ethnic options there seem to be fewer refined options.

      Bali, for example, gets good reviews and the Indonesian food is great. However the atmosphere and service are quite different than Indomania which is also Indonesian.

      1. re: Arpege

        If those are your conditions I can say that I've had horrible service at Sheba where we've waited almost an hour for food and that there's been times at Indomania where the comfortable atmosphere wasn't so comfortable because the air conditioning wasn't sufficient to cool the room. While I like both restaurants and frequent them often, I would not describe either as "refined".