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Dec 3, 2008 07:02 PM

Fun place to dine with teenager in Vancouver ?

We have a visitor over the holidays and wondering where to take her for a birthday dnner. As well, what to do for New Years eve!

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  1. I'm assuming she's from out of town. How about someplace with a view? Sandbar on Granville Island? I would also recommend izakaya (eg Hapa, Guu, etc.) downtown. It's a fun scene even if you aren't drinking. What are her preferences?

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    1. re: fmed

      Well she is laid back but quite refined and traveled a lot already in her 14 yrs. She is up for anything really. Also an adventurous eater!

      1. re: foodsnobz

        Some "Vancouver" experiences:

        -The izakaya scene downtown (Hapa, Guu, Kingyo, Zakkushi, etc.) - very fun.
        -Dim sum at Kirin, etc.
        -Sushi - Octopus' Garden etc.
        -A view - Sandbar, Lift, etc. (view before food)
        -Some other faves: Chambar, Boneta, Fuel, Gastropod have great food.

    2. Samba Brazilian Steakhouse would be a wise choice. All You Can Eat BBQ Meats and Poultry with Live Entertainment