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Dec 3, 2008 07:01 PM

Uttapam in MSP / Duluth / Hinckley?


After trying that delectable South Indian treat known as uttapam in Fargo, I'm curious where I can get it in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area or closer to home (although I very much doubt that). South Indian food can be difficult to find...unlike saag paneer or chana masala. I realize there were a number of well known South Indian restaurants in the Twin Cities (Mysore Cafe, Nala Pak, and The Vegetarian come to mind), but I'm not sure which are still open and which have closed.

Thank you for any answers!

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  1. had an excellent uttapam at Nala Pak just about a month ago to celebrate diwali. im not usually a big uttapam person but i think it was the best thing we had that night (everything we ordered was pretty tasty with the minor exception of the channa masala which was pretty meh - but i would tend to cut them a bit of slack as it was PACKED and they were, apparently, short staffed int he kitchen)

    1. Sorry I can't help you on your question, tvdxer, but wanted to let you know that Mysore is no more.