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Dec 3, 2008 06:56 PM

nice restaurants

I have been living in New Orleans for about a year now and recently married. My wife and I are looking for some nice romantic restaurants off the beaten path to try. We've done Galatoire's and Clancy's. I'm sure there are a lot that we are missing. Does anybody have any suggestions? We looked at the John Besh restaurants but those menus didn't sound too appealing to us. Please help and thanks.

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    1. Eleven79, Cuvee. Not terribly romantic but very good: Irene's, Herbsaint, Patois.

      1. brigtsen's, near the riverbend, is a terrific restaurant. an added bonus is you can take the st. charles streetcar there.

        1. Cafe Degas on Esplanade, Martinique Bistro on Magazine St...

          1. Stella, Brigtsen's - also, there are a few restaurants outside of the city on the North Shore that may very well fit that description.

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              Yes, La Provence definitely fits the bill, imho.