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nice restaurants

I have been living in New Orleans for about a year now and recently married. My wife and I are looking for some nice romantic restaurants off the beaten path to try. We've done Galatoire's and Clancy's. I'm sure there are a lot that we are missing. Does anybody have any suggestions? We looked at the John Besh restaurants but those menus didn't sound too appealing to us. Please help and thanks.

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    1. Eleven79, Cuvee. Not terribly romantic but very good: Irene's, Herbsaint, Patois.

      1. brigtsen's, near the riverbend, is a terrific restaurant. an added bonus is you can take the st. charles streetcar there.

        1. Cafe Degas on Esplanade, Martinique Bistro on Magazine St...

          1. Stella, Brigtsen's - also, there are a few restaurants outside of the city on the North Shore that may very well fit that description.

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              Yes, La Provence definitely fits the bill, imho.

            2. window table at the Rib Room. check out their Reveillon Dinner menu. nothing more romantic that the Quarter and the hotels and restaurants dressed for the holidays.

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                Gosh! I have not done that in years. Provided that they are half as good as in the "old days," that is a great call. I have so many stories about that venue, both inside the glass, and out, as well.

                Sorry that I had not mentioned the Rib Room, but it's been some years, since we were last there.


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                  one of my favorites too,Rib Room that is, especially on Mardi Gras, great people watching.

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                    Most of the stories, to which I alluded, involved "people watching," both from within, and without.

                    Gotta' get back. It has been far, far too long. Now, I just need a reason to spend a month in New Orleans...


              2. I second Feelings, Martinique and Eleven79. I also suggest Vincent's on St. Charles.

                1. One of most romantic in town is Amalie's in the 900 block of Royal. And the food is good, too. Go at dusk when all the gas lights are coming on.

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                    Agree that Amalie's is a romantic setting, but the food is just OK. Le Crepe Nanou is good for a romantic little dinner, but not a big night out. Vizard's has a nice romantic atmosphere and the food is great, if a bit pricey. Patois has everything - food, atmosphere, service.

                  2. Deflur,

                    How did Chef Besh's menus not sound appealing to you? This is not meant to defend Chef Besh, but only to get some idea of what *might* appeal to you.

                    I see some recs. below/above, that I would likely have made. Still, it's YOUR palate that needs to be satisfied. A little more help might yield some recs. closer to what you are looking for.

                    Though I had a very bad experience years ago, I found the new New Orleans Grill at the Windsor Court a very romatic, nice restaurant. Still, if there are elements that do not turn you on, it might not be a good rec.

                    For sheer "romance," I cannot think of a better venue, than table #8 at Commander's Palace. I also had some issues with CP, but the food is usually great, and with service to match. Table #8 is the ultimate for me - upstairs, and open to the dining room there, but all by itself in the turret. Does CP's menu do anything for you?

                    I'll look in, to see what wonderful restaurants the others mention - Brigtsen's is a fav of ours, but it is a tad less "romantic." Great, but decidely more homey. This is not bad, and is only an observation.


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                      To be honest our palates aren't that sophisticated and we aren't really looking for "gasp" anything Creole. We figure we can have that anytime. We love Italian and probably eat that more than anything. We do like to try new things but want something comfortable.

                      A good recommendation on Vincent's on St. Charles. Not very romantic due to the noise but we love the food.

                      Is anyone familiar with Ralph's on the Park?

                      Thanks for all the advice.

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                        Since you mentioned Italian:
                        Ciro's Cote Sud puts out the best lasagna on the southshore.
                        Gio's Villa Vancheri does the best lasgana on the northshore.
                        Both are quaint, intimate and very possibly romantic.
                        Tony Angello's has also reopened in Lakeview.