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Dec 3, 2008 06:03 PM

Monsoon Brunch ..YUMMMMMMM

I had brunch this weekend at Monsoon ... other than running out of the crab benedict, it was all so good. The pho broth is a luxury, the dim sum pastries are great, the small steamed hum bow put all others I've had in town to shame.
I wish they would have a dim sum only brunch once in awhile & make more true dim sum items. There were 6 of us and there was not an unhappy word .. we wrestled over every morsel.

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  1. the oxtail congee and crispy chicken wings are also v good (and the panfried shrimp chive "wonton")

    1. It sounds Yummy. What is the price point, and is it crowded?

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      1. re: CurtA

        it is ala carte so depends how much you order
        not overly crowded

        1. re: barleywino

          please note that the menu on the site is an example of brunch but while there are standards there are changes every week. Monsoon serves brunch both Sat & Sun and Sunday is definately busier.

          1. re: oliveoyl

            Monsoon brunch is formidable. The very few dim sum items (we tried the basket sampler) are very orthodox IMO and widely available but better prepared and higher quality than any dim sum place in the area. The eggs with vietnamese sausage and chanterelles were great.