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Dec 3, 2008 05:54 PM

Marin -Hamburger/Pub-Bar Food

Looking for a suggestion for a good bar-pub hambuger chioce in Marin- Not Marin Brewing Co

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  1. You're in luck -- Balboa Cafe in MV opened up recently! Alternatively there's the Flatiron in SR...

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    1. re: Sarah

      Gavin Newsom's place? If as good as San Francisco, worth a go.

      Did they merge with the Plumpjack??

      I gotta get out more.

      1. re: Waterboy

        Yeah, they have something to do with Plumpjack.

        This was a recent post by someone really, really unhappy with the Mill Valley Balboa

        I've read similar reports elsewhere on the web from other unhappy diners there.

    2. Iron Springs in Fairfax makes a good burger and has some great beers.

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      1. re: pininex

        You have me hooked - check the 2008 gold medal, World Beer Cup: Sless’ Stimultating Stout.

        Whataya think?

      2. Finnegan's in Novato. Voted "best burger in Marin", and I agree. Nice atmosphere, good service. And if you want something sweet afterward, there's a Powell's next door.

        1. There is also Moylan's in Novato, but it is a bit of a MBC clone.

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          1. re: Civil Bear

            Excellent beer - much better than hoppy MBC - diff brewmasters and beers.

            Food? Unless hammered or desperate, look elsewhere....

          2. One other thought for San Anselmo. Heidi Krahling (of Insalata) took over the Eat restaurant (formerly Ted's Bar) on Sir Francis Drake a month or two ago. It's supposed to have casual pub food. Not sure if it's open yet.

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            1. re: ducky

              The IJ said it was to be a Latin restaurant opening in early 2009. Has anyone been by there to see what's going on?