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Dec 3, 2008 05:32 PM

Elementary School Chalupa

Ok so bear with me on this, but did anyone else have a "chalupa" on their elementary school cafeteria menu? Basically it was a shallow oblong tortilla shell boat with a thin layer of cheddar cheese and ground beef on the bottom. It then usually had a haphazard spray of shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes on top.

I'm sure that if you didn't eat it as a kid you'd probably hate it if you ate it now, but my god, those things were insanely satisfying.

I always looked forward to chalupa day and can't help but wonder if there is something similar out there where I can get my childhood fix. Anyone know of such a thing anywhere in LA? I know I could probably just make the thing easy but please indulge me.

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  1. I remember those when i was in elementary school. It was like a giant frito chip. We also had these things called meat pockets that were awesome.

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    1. re: dabruins07

      Wow good call on the frito chip analogy. It didn't even occur to me that for all intensive purposes it was like a big frito chip.

    2. I teach in Long Beach and they still serve something like that in our schools. The kids like it, but yes, it does not look so appetizing to me.

      1. OMG Mike! I thought I was the only one that longed for these. I loved those Chalupas!!!

        I also loved the 'meat pockets' that “Dabruins07” mentioned, actually these were my favorite... They had a slightly flaky crust on the outside and seasoned ground beef with cheese on the inside. I'm really surprised no one else has posted anything on these delectable treats. In my case I went to Huntington Drive Elementary School during 1978-1985, and I know for a fact that mostly all elementary schools around the area served them.

        Thanks Mike and Dabruins for reminding me of these. Now, I must go on a rampage to see if I could find these (or something close to them), and will let you know. If you find any thing similar, please inform us.

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        1. re: BCM

          I think my elementary years started like in 84 and my only memories are the Chalupas, Meat Pockets (i think they changed the names to piroshkis when i was there) and the chocolate chip cookies. If you're parent prepaid for like a month of lunches you got a free cookie....those were the days.

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            Haha, well I'm glad I made your day. Hopefully someone will post a lead or I'll find them myself. Sneaking into an elementary school cafeteria is probably not the way to go though.

            As for the meat pockets I think I vaguely remember something like that, but they were no where near as memorable as the chalupa.

          2. Folks, please keep responses focused on where to find chalupas today. Nostalgia about elementary school food, while fun, isn't in line with Chowhound's mission of helping people eat better right now.

            1. The original comment has been removed