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Where to get chihuahua cheese?

I'm searching for chihuahua cheese, and I don't think I've ever seen it around this area. I just want to make queso fundido, nothing terribly elaborate - is there another Mexican cheese I can use? I live in Melrose so would love to find it around here somewhere, but whatever. Thanks!

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  1. A quick trip to Google got me to Ole, a Taste of Mexico in Cambridge. You should ask them where they get it then tell the rest of us. 617-492-4495.

    1. More south than you were thinking, but Hi-Lo in JP and Village Market in Roslindale both carry it. I've also seen it at a couple of the bodegas in and around Roslidale / JP. You may want to try any of the Spanish markets or markets in predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhoods in the Cambridge area. I assume it would be fairly easy to find in Chelsea and Everett for the same reasons.

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        I am pretty sure they have it at the Somerville Ave Market Basket--they have 4 or 5 different Latin American cheeses, and certainly a mild white melting cheese among them even if not specifically Chihuahua. The bodegas that would have it in Cambridge are in Area 4--El Tropical on Norfolk or the ones on Columbia Street.

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          Not sure about Somerville MB but Everett's probably does.

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          Sorry, bostonbroad, I called both of the places you mentioned above and neither of them carries chihuahua cheese, unfortunately. I also walked around Area 4 (near Central Square) and neither of the bodegas I went to carried it. They also couldn't tell me of any place that carries it either :(

          After doing a little research (which included a call back to my favorite Mexican grocery store in Milwaukee), I discovered, much to my dismay, that there is only ONE distributor of V&V Supremo Chihuahua Cheese in all of MA (none in RI or NH either): Perkins Paper, Inc. in Taunton. The only problem is: they sell it in 6-pound restaurant-sized packages! However, at only $22/package, I am considering it.

          I am not sure about other brands of chihuahua cheese; the only brand I bought while living in Milwaukee was the V&V Supremo. Good luck all!

        3. Man, it must be hard to milk those little dogs.

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            Darn, I was really hoping to post what you did.

          2. La Internacional market in Union Square, Somerville carries a lot of imported Mexican products. I'm not familiar with this particular cheese but you could give them a call - even if they don't have it they might know where you can find it.

            1. Good question. I had a spicy beef enchilada with chihuahua cheese at Cantina in Saratoga Springs a couple of weeks ago, and it had a really nice flavor to it (mild and light, which went well with the beef). I'll be checking back on this thread as the day goes on to see what answers you get.

              1. stop and shop in south bay dot.

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                  The S&S on Rte 28 in Somerville might have it, too -- I've seen some interesting Latin American cheeses there, including a nice queso fresco I got recently that was wrapped in a banana leaf.

                2. La Favorita market in Allston has several cheeses....I went looking for cotija and they did not have that but recommended an alternative (dry and crumbly, I think queso poroso or something like that). Not sure what chihuahua cheese is like, but maybe there is an alternative for that as well.

                  1. The Chelsea MB does carry chihuahua cheese, but at the old MB it wasn't always in stock. The new MB seems more regular with latino cheeses, but your mileage may vary. It is brought up from NYC. The Price Rite in Lynn also has it, they carry cheeses from Tropico (? from florida, who make most of the queso para frier) and one other large maker that I am forgetting. For other melting cheeses asadero is a bit easier to get, Oaxaca a bit harder. There are some other options in Chelsea and East Boston, but those are the locations I have seen it recently. For "werehouse" some S&S markets do carry more latino products (the Malden and Everett locations for example) and Peapod lists the V&V Supremo chunks, so you might find it (and its conceivable they could use a distributor out of CT). One of the Area 4 bodegas is Salvadoran, the other was Caribbean (originally cuban), so you'll find substitutes for queso blanco, cojita, creama, various fresh cheeses, queso para frier...

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                      Avoid Tropical brand cheeses: the quality is terrible. Their queso fresco tastes like it was made primarily from pencil erasers.

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                        I certainly agree, if you want to know what salted rubber tastes like, get the tropical queso para frier, fry/grill it, then eat it cold. That is why I gave the big edge to Chelsea Market Basket as they make an effort to source other products, along with some of the bigger manfacturers. From what I reacall the chihuahua they had was from the other mark (I think they had La Fe and Goya if I remember right) but in any case I brought something else today and they only had Tropical in stock... and a couple of melting cheeses, but no chihuahua.

                        You must have been pretty desperate to try the Tropical queso fresco, that is one type of cheese where there are various local options (some not exactly the same). Russo's at least carries basket cheese (Gigi's?), La Favorita might have some local or certainly NYC salvadoran cheese. Not convenient for BFP, but for others reference. Demoula's has Bom Petisco portuguese Fresh Cheese from RI, Fernandes Fish Market has Portuguese fresh from Leominster (manny's or something?) and Wesport (Martin's) . There is the Quesito El Establo Almansa mentioned (slightly different texture and un/less salted like a basket cheese) available at La Sultana in Somerville. La Sultana and Favorita, along with others, carry an apparent local salvadoran cheese sometimes now labeled el guanaco, including fresh along with seco and crema. Purity and I believe Gigi's make basket cheese year round, although I prefer Calabro (CT) and Supreme (RI) which sometimes can be ordered out of season (Sessa's gets some deliveries from Calabro... ), but at Easter time can be found all over such including McKinnon's and DeMoula's.

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                          Shaw's/Star carries Bom Petisco too - wonderful stuff, if you can find a soft one.

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                        As soon as I stated the new Chelsea MB was being more consistent about stocking Latino cheeses (and complained that PriceRite only had Tropical/Goya), not only have they been out of chihuahua cheese the last two times, but on the most recent visit they had expanded their selection of Tropical cheeses for central-American styles. Better story for Columbian cheeses (brought up from NYC). Like someone else I saw chihuahua once at the Somerville MB recently and that seems to be fairly consistently stocking Oaxaca now which they never carried so that is good news. In any case they are still inconsistent, but have the largest selection. When I get a chance I'll poke around some alternate stores in Chelsea (the supermarket which was part of the Compare chain and bodegas) to see whatever other options there are.

                      3. i think this belongs in the food with unfortunate names thread

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                          Chihuahua is a place. Both the dogs and the cheese come from there.

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                            i know that. but chihuahua cheese still sounds nasty. anyway. it's a joke son.

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                              LOL, it's actually very tasty. And yes, no dogs are involved in the making of it.

                        2. I just saw it at the Somerville Market Basket this weekend. I have also, on occasion, seen it at the Porter Square Star Market (not in the regular diary section, but in the latin-themed end of the cold case along the back wall, nearest to the bakery and organic aisles).

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                            Bumping this thread. This past weekend, I had this cheese in a quesadilla. It was really good. When I asked the waiter what type it was, I thought he was kidding around. Has anyone seen Chihuahua cheese in the greater Boston area recently?