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Where can I get fresh yeast in Seattle?

Preferably on the south side but am willing to drive...

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  1. you can find 1 ounce cubes in most grocery stores and is becoming more and more available. i used to find it at the safeway down in columbia city. make sure you look in the egg/dairy section of the store since the yeast needs to remain cold.

    1. Good question! I was at QFC, Albertsons, and Safeway this past weekend but found nothing. I made a special point of going to these places since I thought fresh yeast was such a classic and these places carry classics. No luck. They said nobody buys it anymore so they stopped carrying it. Maybe that was specific only to the locations I tried (not Columbia City).

      I plan to hit up the nearby Thriftway, PCC, and Metropolitan Market this weekend. Why should this be so hard? I know, I know, shelf life, etc....

      1. I believe Madison Market may have some in their little fridge in the back? I have a vague memory of having bought some there at some point...

        1. i finally found fleishmann's fresh active yeast at fred meyer in ballard. its in the butter section to the far left on the top shelf (i'm 6'4" and i had to reach). it comes in 0.6 oz (17g) cakes. cant wait to use it! good luck!

          1. Any one know a location in the Bellevue/Issaquah area?

            1. Safeway does carry it. It is usually lurking near the upper shelves near the butter. If they insist they do not carry it (most likely they don't know they do) ask then to order it. They will. Some may have stopped because nobody was buying it.

              1. Call Trader Joes. They might. Or what about Whole Foods?

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                  Neither TJ's nor Whole Foods carry it. I've been to many stores who say they used to carry it but stopped. The main manufacturers say they no longer ship to the west.

                  As a French pastry maker, I looked long and hard for a supply of cake yeast for croissants. I decided in the end to use dry yeast instead. Depending on the recipe's need regarding temperature, you may need to use instant dry yeast.

                  The problem with cake yeast in Seattle is that even when it was available, it was unreliable, according to one experienced chef I know. Its refrigeration must be consistent, and it doesn't last well more than a week to 10 days.

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                    I purchased fresh yeast in a jar at the Aurora PCC. It was in a refrigerated case.

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                      Interesting. That used to be my regular PCC, but now it's View Ridge. They did not carry fresh yeast. However, it's nearly a year since I did my big search for fresh yeast, so perhaps things have changed.

                      Could you say what brand the yeast is and what kind of a pull date they put on it?

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                      If you are still looking I found fresh cake yeast at Central Market and I used it in the croissants I make.

                  2. Would anyone be interested in splitting up a case of fresh yeast... they are the baker's block and come 1# packages? I know where we can order a case, but I can't possibly used up a whole case by myself...

                    1. Are you still searching for fresh yeast? I picked up a 1# block at a donut shop in Renton...